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Ooze Yourself In Epic New Zombie Beat ‘Em Up Oozengard Alpha

An incredible new action RPG called Oozengard has arrived on Google Play in alpha form and even though it’s still in an early stage of development this ambitious new beat ’em up style adventure game will blow your mind. The brain child of indie developer Cranial Acid, Oozengard is both an epic new action-RPG and tongue-in-cheek homage to old school gaming that is sure to be one of the games to watch in 2014. It also presents a unique opportunity for video game fans to help guide the development of a game they are already playing by providing feedback and suggestions directly to the developer.


Oozengard tells the tale of an ordinary young gamer like you or I that finds himself trapped in a nightmarish yet oddly video game-like scenario. One day while casually playing your favorite game in front of your TV, you hear an unmistakably ominous gurgling sound outside followed by screams. As you rush outside to see what in Miyamoto’s name is going on(without forgetting to get to the next save point in your game of course), you come face to face with the enigmatic ocean of pixel death that is the Ooze. This deadly organism corrupts and decays everything it comes in contact with, and in the case of living organisms like humans it can even create zombie Ooze clones that would fool all but the keenest of adventurers. Your main goal is to kick some sludge zombie butt and unravel the mystery of where the Ooze came from but there is a whole lot more than that to do since as an open world game Oozengard has side quests, extra storylines, and special achievements out the wazoo.

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Players will explore the open-world environment of Oozengard’s in-game city while laying the smack down on marauding Ooze zombies, collecting important weapons/clues, and completing side quests for the surviving NPCs. The core gameplay is a satisfying combination of addicting stats based brawler combat and classic adventure game exploration that’s been designed to keep a brisk pace by always have something new to do, see, or shoot around the corner.


Even though it’s only at the alpha stage of development at this point Oozengard is already an insanely addicting experience, and even better, “oozing” with possibilities!(Sorry, I had to). By purchasing Oozengard Alpha not only will you get a terrific action adventure game in the making but you’ll also get to actively contribute to how it gets made. This is one game you don’t want to miss.

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