Published on January 21st, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Chess 2: The Sequel Makes A Diagonal Move Onto OUYA

Chess 2: The Sequel, the highly ambitious followup to Chess hundreds of years in the making, has finally taken its turn and made a bold first move onto the Android powered Ouya console. Indie studio Ludeme Games and designer Chris Sirlin have picked up where the original developers left off, creating a beautiful reimagining of the classic “game of kings” that feels new without being a complete departure. This updated version of Chess introduces a myriad of additional gameplay features and twists that will enthrall you as if you were playing Chess for the very first time all over again.

TwoKings Empowered

This time around there are six unique armies to choose from as opposed to the lone original set utilized in classic chess. Each army has it’s own unit types, special abilities, and stratagems to master that have been carefully balanced against one another in the tradition of newer strategy games like Starcraft.

Combat has received a complete overhaul as well. Making the first move is no longer the deciding factor in which piece gets taken off the board, as a brand new bidding style attack system allows players to decide how much of their resources to spend on either defense or attack in an ingenious Poker-esque system.


Chess 2: The Sequel is an innovative followup to the hundreds year old game that will instantly hook newcomers and classic Chess veterans alike. It’s available now on an Ouya near you.


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  • scott duckworth

    Hundreds of years in the making, lol….

    Also I love your creative verbs for how things arrive onto the play store/OUYA/etc, in this case “Makes a diagonal move onto”…. Always entertaining and creative. Keep up the great work

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