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Kickstarter Spotlight: LEVEL

LEVEL is an upcoming puzzle-platformer from the indie game developer Mike Stanton (aka. drMikey). drMikey crafted LEVEL from the ground up (he did all of the game design, artwork, and the development), and in the process he managed to make the first ever dual-screen side scrolling puzzle-platformer. The gameplay is completely unique from anything you’ve played before – but to bring this project to life drMikey is going to need some additional funding.

In LEVEL the game screen is split into two different “levels”. Only the “level” you’re on scrolls as you move from side to side (think 2D side-scroller), while the other “level” stays stationary. This makes for some interesting multi-layered puzzles that will have you lining up jump portals, connecting power sources to circuits, bring keys to locked doors, and a whole lot more. The majority of these puzzles will have you travelling between both floors – and this really makes the game feel completely unique. I highly recommend checking out the game’s prototype gameplay in this in-browser demo: LEVEL DEMO.


Back in 2011 LEVEL won the award for the Most Innovative App at the Adobe AIR App Challenge. Shortly after this receiving this great honour drMikey got to work on releasing the prototype to the public, so he polished up the gameplay, threw in some extra levels and then put the game onto the Android Marketplace (which can still be downloaded here). While LEVEL was only intended as a prototype to show off it’s unique gameplay it ended up receiving a tonne of positive feedback from the gamers that played it. Because of this drMikey has finally decided it is time to make LEVEL into the game he always dreamed it to be.


As is always the case with Kickstarter campaigns drMikey is looking for extra funding to get LEVEL to a level it deserves for it’s full on release onto  iOS / Android Tablets, Windows, Mac, OUYA, and Linux. In its current state the game is still more or less just a prototype that shows off the different types of puzzles you’ll find in the full game, but drMikey hopes to build onto this and expand it into a full blown adventure game. He also plans on giving the game a fleshed out storyline, designing some much larger levels, and also adding some polish to game’s art style. To make all of this happen he needs some extra money… hence the Kickstarter campaign!


In it’s current state LEVEL is an extremely fun puzzle-platformer – but the game’s developer wants to add a tonne of content to it that will make it a truly awesome experience for those that play it. With the addition of a fleshed out storyline, larger levels, and a more polished art style LEVEL will finally turn into the game it deserves to be.

But to have this happen drMikey needs as much help as he can get. The best way to help is to head over to the Kickstarter page and donate a couple bucks to the cause, but sharing the campaign via your favourite social media site is also crucial to the campaigns success. So help out in any way you can. Together we can bring this great little puzzle-platformer to life once and for all!


Developer Website:

LEVEL - A Unique Puzzle Platforming Side Scroller -- Kicktraq Mini

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