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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #29

I’m not a player I just jump alot.

With so many new games being released on Android nowadays it can be hard to find fresh quality indie titles to enjoy. SGD is here to change that, and we’re starting with our weekly official round-up of the best indie Android games to recently arrive on the scene. In order to bring you this feature our crack editorial team has scoured every inch of the internet, combed every forum, and chatted it up with every developer we could in our never ending quest for indie gaming greatness.

We’ve got an incredible line up of awesome new indie games this week that hail from every genre imaginable, some of which even defy conventional description with their unique gameplay mechanics. Whether you happen to like shoot ’em ups or RPGs, there’s something for everyone in the round-up below. Oh, and if you happen to find a game you really like make sure you vote for it in the poll at the bottom of the page. The game with the most votes by Tuesday morning will be crowned our “Indie Game Of The Week” and be featured on our sidebar until the next weekly champion rises up in its stead.


Asteroids: The Impossible Game from NovaGecko

Oh no! Huge asteroids are incoming and they threaten the very future of the planet Earth! It’s only a matter of time before they hit, but luckily you have the ability to move the planet out of their path with just the flick of your finger! That’s right, you just have to place your finger on the screen and you’ll be able to dodge the impending disaster these asteroids have planned for this (more or less) peaceful planet. But be careful as these asteroids’ speed will will increase as time goes on which is sure to make humanity’s chance for survival just that much more bleak!

In addition to the fun gameplay in Asteroids: The Impossible Game you’re given access to both achievements and global leaderboards through Google Plus Game Services – which is always a huge plus in my books. So what are you waiting for? Download this great dodge ’em game today!

asteroids1 asteroids3 asteroids2


Beat Blast from Unorthodox Games

If you’re a fan of rhythm shooters Beat Blast is going to be an absolute MUST download for you! Not only is this game stunning but it’s fun gameplay is generated using your own personal music library – and how can you not love that?  If for some reason you don’t have any music on your mobile device you’re still in luck as Beat Blast features a number of great tracks from some truly awesome independent musicians! Oh, and best of all (aside from the awesome gameplay) the developers at Unorthodox Games have promised continued updates in the future! Awesome! Download this today!

beatblast1 beatblast2


Chicken Chaser from Eran Shabi

Chicken Chaser is a fast paced 2D brawler that started out it’s career on Newgrounds, but thankfully it’s developer has brought it onto mobile devices! You play the game as lowly farmer that has just had his chickens stolen from his farm by some insidious anthropomorphic octopuses! This is simply unacceptable and you’ll have to take matters into your own hands in order to get them back. You’ll have to brawl your way through several beautifully crafted worlds while battling deadly octopuses in your attempt to bring your chickens back home in one piece. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to put an end to this tentacled menace once and for all? There’s only one way to find out. If you’re a fan of games like Castle Crashers you need to download Chicken Chaser right now! It’s only $0.99 so how can you possibly go wrong?

chickenchaser1 chickenchaser2


Cube Trick from Rutony Studio

Cube Trick is a beautiful new minimalistic puzzle game from the indie devs at Rutony Studio. Your goal in Cube Trick is quite simple: just move all the cubes to their target destination. You’ll need to do some serious thinking when you’re solving these puzzles though as each of the cubes reacts together with the other blocks – and this is sure to give you quite a bit of a brain workout. If you love puzzle games Cube Trick is one you don’t want to miss out on!

cubetrick1 cubetrip2 cubetrick3


Devils from Ravegan

Devils is a great new game that has it all. It has fun cartoon graphics, a good sense of humor, and a great mix up action and puzzle gameplay. These puzzles are all about creating temperatures that these cute little devils will hate so that they’ll…. well… explode! Turn up the heat on the blue ones and turn down the heat on the red ones to solve each of the game’s brain tickling puzzles. It’s a unique style of gameplay that feels fresh, and in conjunction with the large number of levels and upgrades you’ll be kept busy with this one for quite some time.

Best of all Devils is a game that is sure to be fun for gamers of all ages! Or maybe it’s best feature is that it is available for the awesome low price of free? Regardless, Devils is a game that I highly recommend checking out if you’re a fan of puzzlers.

devils3 devils2 devils1


Don’t Move from STVR

Don’t Move is a game with a simple control scheme that is all about completing a large number of challenges. You’ll touch the left side of the screen to move left and the right side of the screen to move right – and that’s it. The challenges mostly consist of boosting your stats – such as how far you’ve travelled, the amount of time you’ve spent playing the game, the number of deaths you’ve had, and the number of medals you’ve earned. It’s a bit mindless but I actually found it to be quite enjoyable. As you complete challenges the game will add new gameplay elements, such as gold coins, that will lead to all new challenges for you to complete. The game does have an ending so you’ll have to earn all the medals and figure out how to unlock each of the game’s trophies to see it. The monotony in Don’t Move isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but if you’re a completionist this game will keep you occupied for quite a while.I found it to be surprisingly fun – but I’m sure there are a large number of gamers out there that won’t fully understand what the game is going for. Regardless it’s only $0.99 so you might just want to check it out. I recommend it.

dontmove1 dontmove2


Elementalist from Tengu Games

Elementalist is the first release of the indie game developer Tengu Games – and it’s an amazing first release! The game is a fantasy-themed turn-based RPG that combines a solid narrative, beautiful visuals, and a unique and fun touch-screen combat system into a very well rounded adventure that shouldn’t be missed out on.

In the history of Android there have been a good number of turn-based RPG’s released – but none of them with a control system quite like that found in Elementalist. To attack your enemies you will trace magical runes on your touch screen that will cast spells at your enemy. These spells are all based around the four main elements – Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind – and each of these elements has it’s own strengths and weaknesses against the other elements (think Pokemon where fire is weak to water, etc). The amount of damage your attacks inflict on your enemy is determined by how precise your drawing actually is and how quickly you draw it. The system actually has quite a bit of depth to it and it means you’ll need to use a fair amount of strategy to come out of battle as the victor.

I have spent a good amount of time playing Elementalist over the past week and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s visuals are among the best you’ll find on a mobile device, the gameplay is unique and highly addictive, and best of all it is completely free (with optional IAP’s for additional gold). Download Elementalist right now! Trust me!

elem4 elem2


The Enchanted Cave from Dustin Auxier

The Enchanted Cave is a popular Flash game that has finally made it’s way onto Android. The Enchanted Cave is an RPG that is all about collecting artifacts, stat gems, and gold as you fight hordes of monsters in your quest to reach floor 100! Once you’re as far as you think you can get you can use Escape Wings to teleport out of the tower and recover, and then head back in with powerful new artifacts that will help you to make it deeper into the cave each time you head in.

While the game was originally designed to be a Flash game the developer has made a tonne changes to the game to make the mobile game an even better game than the original. While some of these changes are just fixes to the gameplay the game has been given a much more friendly user interface, a new “smart pathfinding” control scheme has been implemented for easier movement around the tower, and the addition of auto saves on each floor makes it easy for you to pick it up for short gameplay sessions while you’re on the go. All around The Enchanted Cave is an extremely solid RPG that shouldn’t be passed up on for any reason. Download it today!

enchanted1 enchanted2


Ferris Mueller’s Day Off from Glitch Games

The creative team behind the indie hit Forever Lost, indie developer Glitch Games, is back with a brand new adventure game that will challenge your detective skills and make you laugh out loud at the same time. Players will explore a colorful town full of eccentric locals as they search for a prize horse that’s gotten sick and run off. Fans of adventure games like The Secret Of Monkey Island will absolutely adore Ferris Muller’s Day Off and it’s unique additions to the genre like the ability to take pictures of clues in-game for easy reference later.

Screenshot 2014-01-18 at 3.41.50 PM Screenshot 2014-01-18 at 3.42.29 PM


Just Kill Yourself from Bestiary Studio

One constant that always stays more or less intact in all video games is the fact that you want to say alive to complete the level you’re on. It has been like that since the beginning of video games, and it’s likely to continue like this long into the future. However, Bestiary Studios is changing this up in their new 2D puzzle-platformer Just Kill Yourself where your goal is to… well… kill yourself! Your has become disillusioned with his life and it’s up to you to help him finish this game. You’ll have to use different elements found in each of the game’s 36 levels to find the best way for your character to say goodbye to this cruel world once and for all.



Lazer-Hawk from Angry Monkey

This old school arcade shooter is an addicting homage to classics like Star Fox, Radiant Silvergun, and 1942 done up in the neo-retro 1980′s style ala Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Players jump into the cockpit of an advanced experimental fighter jet and take to the lazer filled skies to mow down wave after wave of over the top sci-fi enemies. Like many bullet hell shooters, Lazer-Hawk will test your reflexes with its twitch-shooting action and mind boggling amount of enemies just itching to shoot you down. Luckily players have a variety of futuristic weaponry at their disposal in addition to standard ordinance like missiles and bombs so you’ll have plenty of ways to fight back and hopefully in the process beat the high score.

lazerhawk1 lazerhawk13


Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter from Domain Of The Infinite

Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter is a gorgeous new adventure game built using Unity3D that feels like a modern incarnation of Myst with a few twists along the way. Marooned on a desert island, players must use their wits and surroundings in order to solve the mystery of the island which may be the only key to ever leaving alive. If you like adventure games you should definitely check Mind’s Eye Of Jupiter out.

mej-screens1 mej-screens2


Parkour Future 4D from 2Beans Apps

Parkour Future is a 3D physics-based virtual reality parkour game that takes place in the future. You are given the ability to look around the world using your device’s Gyro, but you’ll also need to use simple touch and swipe controls to get your robot running and jumping. In this 3D sensory overload experience you will be using your highly intelligent freerunning robot to conquer the tops of all the buildings in the deserted post-apocalyptic city that the game takes place in. You’ll leap from roof-top to roof-top as you clear massive drops and log some truly wicked air!

If you’ve been looking for a unique parkour game it is finally here with the release of Parkour Future 4D. Check it out today!

parkour1 parkour2


Rocket Cube from Keitai Co.

If you’re a fan of Tetris you need to give Keitai’s new game Rocket Cube a serious look. Why you might ask? Well, Rocket Cube takes the gameplay you know and love from games like Tetris and put a twist on it by mixing in elements from a rather unexpected genre…. the shooter genre! As you play cubes fall from the top of the screen and it’s up to you to send them back to where they came from. To do this you’ll make groups of same colored cubes and tap them to launch them off of the screen. Doing this will earn your points towards a new high score – which is shareable with your friends on Facebook! If you’re a fan of puzzle games you’d be sill to not check out Rocket Cube. It’s a tonne of fun and completely free!

rocketcube_2 rocketcube_3 rocketcube_4


Shuttle Scuttle from Embraceware Software

It is the year 2285 and the universe is at peace thanks to the USSA (United Sol System Alliance). Well, I guess it was peaceful, but after receiving a distress signal from the Neptune station about an unidentified spacecraft approaching their airspace… (or is it spacespace?), things start getting ugly. It turns out that this spacecraft is actually enroute to Earth and the only defense available is a unit of armed shuttles that have been designed for asteroid destruction! This is certainly not the idea situation but these shuttles are better than nothing. So it’s up to you to pilot one of these craft and intercept this hostile force before it has a chance to get to Earth!

Shuttle Scuttle is an incredibly fast-paced, retro-style shooter that is jam packed with content and some of the best 8-bit graphics you’ve seen since the days of the NES. You’ll shoot your way through 32 action packed levels, encounter 8 epic boss battles, while also collecting an array of power-ups and rescuing some helpless astronauts. There’s a tonne of great content in Shuttle Scuttle and it’s going to be an absolute must download for fans of retro space shooters. Don’t miss out on this one!

shuttle2 shuttle1


SPEJS – A Space Adventure by IdunaSoft

SPEJS is an addicting old school shoot ’em up that echoes everything that made the age of Atari great. In this Tunnel Runner meets Galaga crossover from indie developer IdunaSoft, players will pilot an experimental fighter craft code named SPEJS as they blast their way through a horde of invading alien spaceships. This isn’t some one and done endless style game either, the story mode alone has a mind boggingly huge amount of levels and IdunaSoft is adding new ones all the time. Arcade aficionados will definitely want to check this one out.

spejs1 spejs13


SpellStack by Ananse Productions LLC

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, that goes doubly true for the word based online combat puzzler SpellStack. Created by the same indie developer as Stem Stumper+, Ananse Productions, SpellStack is a hybrid of Connect 4 and Scrabble that allows players to take the war of words against their friends online across a staggering amount of different platforms. SpellStack’s ingenious vocabulary based gameplay and impressive multiplayer capabilities will keep both you and your friends hooked.



Spur from Ilumbo

Spur is a brand new western themed platforming adventure game from the indie developer Ilumbo. While the game is still in its prototype stage it is a surprisingly fun experience that features some solid action, a unique gameplay style and control scheme, and I highly suggest checking it out. You’ll be delving deep into the earth so you’ll have to keep an eye out for baddies as you gain speed on your way to the place where no cowboy has gone before!

spur2 spur1


The Butler from Jonathan Romero Cueva

In The Butler, players take on the title role as a newly hired butler whose been brought in to replace a much older man servant about to enter retirement. This is a video game though, so of course this will be no ordinary butler job. It seems your new employer is very famous and people are literally dying to see him, so much so that they will brave even the deadliest of traps set for them. Rather than fetching tea and crumpets, your job is to see to it that these fans never reach your masters door by any means necessary. This means you’ll be rigging ceilings to collapse, setting up Indiana Jones style dart traps, and utilizing any one of a multitude of deadly defensive devices.



The Rivers of Alice from Delirium Studios

The Rivers of Alice is an absolutely stunning graphic adventure game that takes you on the ride of a lifetime through a world of riddles and characters inspired by the music and lyrics of Vetusta Morla. Each time that Alice falls asleep she is swept away to a world of fantasy where you, the player, must help her to face her fears; Sloth, Envy, and Lie.

The first thing you’re likely to notice in The Rivers of Alice are it’s truly beautiful hand made graphics (made using watercolors, ink and graphite) – but there’s a whole lot more to this game than that. The Rivers of Alice features some great ‘adventure’ gameplay, has a well written storyline, and a wonderful soundtrack by the indie-rock group Vetusta Morla.

The Rivers of Alice is an adventure game with fun gameplay, beautiful art, and it’s guaranteed to give you an experience you wont soon forget. Download it today!



Winds Of Destiny from Stupidgizmo

Winds Of Destiny is a gorgeous new 8-bit style mashup of the fighting, RPG, strategy, MMO, trading card, adventure and several other genres that seamlessly blends multiple game mechanics into an intriguing new experience. It feels so well polished that it could easily be mistaken for a retail 3DS title, because that’s essentially what it is. From the epic story driven single player mode to a simple yet elegant online multiplayer system, Winds Of Destiny has an entire mega cartridge’s worth of content to offer.

windsdestiny3 windsdestiny34


Word Mash from Runestone Games

Do you like crossword puzzles? Go gaga for Scrabble? Then you’ll love Mystery Castle HD dev Runestone Games’ brand new language based puzzler Word Mash. This charming twist on the classic pen & paper word puzzle will challenge your cognitive abilities while also expanding your vocabulary.

wordmash2 wordmash3 wordmash4


Worm Run from Golden Ruby Games

There have been alot of games that let players reek havoc on humankind as an enormous man eating worm, but now thanks to independent studio Golden Ruby Games’ hyperactive new platformer Worm Run we finally have the opportunity to take up the mantle of the little guy and fight back….er run away. This wonderfully animated hybrid of traditional platforming and endless runners uses an intuitive swiping system to provide maximum responsiveness, which players will need as Worm Run can be devilishly hard.

wormrun1 wormrun2


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