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Get Crafty In New Trap Based Strategy Game The Butler

One of my favorite games growing up was the little known Playstation game Deception, it was a strategy game ahead of its time that had players defeat waves of enemies using nothing but traps. There’s been nothing quite like it ever since, until now that is. Like a spike floor trap ensnaring me with its blades, indie developer Jonathan Romero Cueva’s brand new strategy game The Butler has taken hold of my attention and refuses to let go. Both a unique title and sort of spiritual resurrection of Deception, The Butler is an addicting strategy game built with Unity3D that sports terrific graphics and amazing physics effects.

In The Butler, players take on the title role as a newly hired butler whose been brought in to replace a much older man servant about to enter retirement. This is a video game though, so of course this will be no ordinary butler job. It seems your new employer is very famous and people are literally dying to see him, so much so that they will brave even the deadliest of traps set for them. Rather than fetching tea and crumpets, your job is to see to it that these fans never reach your masters door by any means necessary. This means you’ll be rigging ceilings to collapse, setting up Indiana Jones style dart traps, and utilizing any one of a multitude of deadly defensive devices.


The cool thing about The Butler is that it not only encourages players to get creative, it flat out demands it. The key to clearing each stage and preserving the masters privacy is to approach each problem analytically and figure out the best way to make use of your surroundings. As different types of enemies appear in the mansion players will need to adapt their play style and devise better ways of dealing with your unwanted house guests.


The Butler is unique, addicting, and incredibly fun. It’s intriguing gameplay and excellent use of physics make it a shining example of what a dedicated indie developer is capable of. You can pick it up now on Google Play for completely free!

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