Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Shooter Golden Scarab Pew Pews Its Way Onto OUYA

A psychedelic new shoot ’em up called Golden Scarab has arrived on OUYA that brings new meaning to all those warnings you’ve seen about flashing lights and TVs. Brought to us by Def developer OMGWTFGAMES, Golden Scarab is a hyperactive twin stick shooter that could best be described as if Geometry Wars on acid went on a Fear & Loathing style retro roadtrip with Robotron. There’s alot more to it than that though, as Golden Scarab’s simple yet enchanting bullet hell gameplay has made me press the continue button more times than I can count.

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While it shares the same overarching directive we’ve seen in arcade shoot ’em ups time and time again, “survive”, Golden Scarab adds its own twists to the formula like an inaccessible outer arena where enemies can propagate, dynamic portal based spawning system, and incredibly aggressive enemy AI that refuses to give players even a moments pause. The constant mental tug of war created by the players need to focus on both zen-like shooter reflexes and a sense of strategy creates interesting gameplay dynamics that demand total concentration. Those that enjoy a challenge in their shoot ’em up will definitely get a kick out of Golden Scarab. There’s even a neat two-player mode that makes clever use of a tag-team style resurrection mechanic.


Gold Scarab is an addicting retro shoot ’em up filled with awesome over the top action. You can pick it up for free on an OUYA near you!


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  • scott duckworth

    Free! OUYA is looking better and better all the time. Might just have to pick one up if more great shooters like this keep popping up!

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