Published on February 10th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Panic Art Studios Releases Flappy Bird Killer Jetpack Journey X

Has the sudden disappearance of Flappy Bird put an aching hole in your heart? Does the loss of its mindbogglingly frustrating gameplay have you questioning your humanity? Fret not friend, and allow me to introduce you to the next game to make you glad your phone has gorilla glass. It’s a Flappy Bird killer called Jetpack Journey X and it’s from the same guys that brought us the indie hits Zombie Kill Of The Week and Hero Siege, Panic Art Studios. Conceived and built in about 30 minutes, Jetpack Journey X is an experiment in Flappy Bird style rapid-fire development that is both implausibly addicting and maddeningly frustrating at the same time.


This is a Panic Art Studios game we’re talking about though so you know it’s gonna be awesome. In Jetpack Journey X players take on the role of a bubble gum chewing badass as they strap on a jetpack and fly their way through fields of dangerous girders, because that’s what super cool badasses do. While it shares the same basic premise as Flappy Bird, Jetpack Journey X feels much more polished thanks to rich old school Duke Nukem-esque graphics that offer welcome changes in scenery as well as a handful of extra achievements die hard gamers can aim for.


Forget Flappy Bird, Jetpack Journey X is here to take the implausible mega-hit game crown. And it’s available now for free on Google Play.

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