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Loony Lunar Physics Platformer Moon Boing Coming Soon

A gorgeous new physics platformer by the name of Moon Boing will be blasting off on Android very soon. The debut title from indie dev Space Hat Games, Moon Boing combines elements of Mario 64, Jetpack, and those inflatable moon bounce rides you may have hopped around in as a child into a beautiful 3D platformer that brings the genre back to its old school roots. You wont find any micro-transactions or wait timers here, just excellently designed physics platforming that’s simple and fun.

MBng05    MBng12

As a daring astronaut on an exploratory mission to the moon players will leap and bound their way across the lunar surface in order to investigate what may be the single most important event in human history: First contact. It seems that our return to the moon did not go un-noticed as almost immediately after the missions lone astronaut steps foot on it an immense monolithic structure soon arrives on the scene to silently observe him. Is this enigmatic foreboding tower here to do us harm or to usher in a new age of peace and prosperity? Why does it have a human face? And where did we park the spaceship?!? It’s up to players to find the answers to these questions before it’s too late by bouncing their way to the future in this awesome new platformer from Space Hat Games and lead developer Kevin Nolan.


So how long do we have to wait before Moon Boing touches down on the Google Play Store? Not long at all, as Moon Boing will be arriving on Android February 22nd which is this Saturday.


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