Published on February 25th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Indie Action RPG Crystal Picnic Brings 16-bit Awesome To OUYA

‘Roided out ants with bazookas, gigantic birds dropping deadly oversized poo from the sky, a flea market ran by actual fleas, and two best buddies obsessed with cake. Indie dev Nooskewl’s eccentric new action RPG in development for OUYA Crystal Picnic isn’t afraid to do things different. This JRPG meets Super Smash Bros mashup is like digital chocolate for anyone who grew up playing RPGs on the SNES or Genesis/Megadrive, and the best part is its getting better every day. That’s because the Monster RPG 2 developer is just getting started.


Even though it’s still considered to be in an early alpha state, Crystal Picnic already feels like the best 16-bit RPG you never got the chance to play as a kid. Its zany as heck story is overflowing with unexpected yet hilarious moments that will put a smile on your face and the Chrono Trigger meets Super Smash Bros gameplay will satisfy even the most hardcore of retro gamers.

There are tons of neat features built into Crystal Picnic that really help to distinguish it from most any other RPG out there, especially for the OUYA. The first time you realize you’re able to switch between party members in real time during the arcade brawler style battle scenes instead of the usual turn based affair you know you’ve started playing something special.


Not only is Crystal Picnic already shaping up to be one of OUYA’s absolute must have games, it’s also a great deal too since those that purchase Crystal Picnic now will be able to get it for a heavily discounted price as opposed to waiting for the games official release. And best of all by supporting Crystal Picnic early gamers will be able to take a unique look at how a hit indie game gets made by chatting with the developer either directly or in its dedicated thread on the OUYA forums.


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