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Nocanwin’s Cubed Snowboarding Scores a Perfect Landing on Google Play

Nocanwin, the indie developer behind several of my all-time favorite mobile games (Cubed Rally Redline, Fist Face Fight, Baby Lava Bounce) has just dropped another sure-fire hit onto Google Play. This new game is called Cubed Snowboarding and it’s a game all about snowboarding down a hill while performing tricks and dodging obstacles. If you have tried your hand at Cubed Rally Redline you will surely notice a few similarities between the two games but Cubed Snowboarding is anything but a straight copy that takes place on a ski hill. Sure you still control a character along a three-laned track like you did in Cubed Rally Redline but the addition of new mechanics and gameplay elements make Cubed Snowboarding a game unlike anything you have played before.


At first glance you might think that Cubed Snowboarding is just another endless runner. In a way I suppose you’d be right, but in a way I would also say you’re wrong. Dead wrong. The game doesn’t take place on an endless course but rather it spans across 10 stages of ever increasing length and difficulty. You receive a point score on each stages and upon completion of all 10 courses you are awarded with a high score. This score can then be uploaded to the game’s fancy dancy Google Play Game Services leaderboards if you so please.

Setting yourself a high score is much easier said than done though. You only get one chance on each stage so you really need to make each attempt count. If you fall, crash, or fly straight off the stage you’re only going to get the points earned up until that point. There are times when you might find yourself missing the ‘turn’ token on very first turn and you’ll get a big ‘ol goose egg for your effort… or, lack there of I suppose.  There are no redos or retrys here.

That said there are a good number of ways to increase your score on each run. You’ll find rails to grind, jumps to do tricks off of, and there are always ‘turn’ tokens to grab and obstacles to dodge. Each of these acts will reward you with points, but if you really want a primo score you’ve really got to finish the level without crashing… which is much easier said than done. But if you’re really committed have and you’re really on the ball you might just be able to find yourself on top of the game’s global leaderboards. 



  • Epic flips
  • Sick grinds
  • Insane flips
  • Destructible snowmen
  • High score leaderboard
  • Universal app


Gamers looking for a fast-paced and highly addictive arcade gaming experience should download Cubed Snowboarding right away. It’s unique art style, simple controls, and highly addictive gameplay make it a real steal at just $1. Don’t miss out on this one! Trust me!

Developer Website: Nocanwin

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