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Flappy Jam Favorite Paragon Infinite Ricochets onto Google Play

Paragon Infinite is fun new endless ‘runner’ game that was designed by Bipolar Design as their submission to the hugely popular game development competition Flappy Jam. The majority of the games created for this competition ended up being simple Flappy Bird clones but thankfully Paragon Infinite wasn’t one of them. In fact the game is a bit of a spin-off of the developer’s PC game release Paragon; a highly addictive ball-bouncing-platformer. Both of these games share a lot of similarities, primarily the same great art style and sound design, but the gameplay itself is actually quite similar too. A few changes had to be made to transform the platforming gameplay into something with more of a Flappy-esque feel to it, but the end product is something that you shouldn’t let bounce past you.

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Just like in Paragon the gameplay in Paragon Infinite is all about bouncing your ball from magnetic rail to magnetic rail while collecting gems along the way. Your goal in Paragon was to collect all of the gems in a level in order to pass it, but in Paragon Infinite you’re just trying to stay alive for as long as possible. The gems are entirely optional here, well… sort of at least. Paragon Infinite is an endless runner and you earn points by aiming your ball between the games various obstacles. Each obstacle you pass nets you one point, however, the real points come from collecting the gems as they’ll net you a nice 5 point boost to your score!

So you might be wondering what it is about Paragon Infinite that makes it stand out from the Flappy Bird clones I mentioned above. Well firstly it’s not game over if you touch a pipe! Actually, it’s recommended! When you tap the screen you’ll launch your ball off the magnetic rail you’re resting on at a 45° angle. If you time it right you’ll be able to bounce your ball successfully through the gaps between the game’s various obstacles, but if you miss you’ll be bounced back to the magnetic rail and have to try again. Every ten obstacles you pass will increase the games difficulty by throwing in new obstacles and increasing the distance between them. 

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While Paragon Infinite is already a tonne of fun the developer has a bunch of plans for the game’s future via a number of exciting updates. Firstly there will be three new graphical skins added to the game; two of which are based on levels in Paragon, and one called ‘Sophie Mode’ that is based off of the game Swift*Stitch (which was created by Sophie Houlden). Also there are plans of adding several special game modes that will really change how the game is played. One of these proposed modes will make all of the obstacles columns, one will greatly increase the distance between these obstacles, and there’s also going to be a Hell Mode that will greatly increase the difficulty of Paragon Infinite (all obstacles will be spikes!) To top things off Paragon Infinite is also going to feature a full soundtrack, which will be a nice improvement over the pieces of a soundtrack that are currently being used in the game.

All of these aforementioned updates will be free to anyone that downloads the game before it receives this next update, so now is the time to download! Think of it as a kind of like an “early-adopter” reward if you will. After this new update goes live Paragon Infinite will be supported by a couple of ads, but if the user wants to disable them AND unlock all of the content mentioned above (and all future updates) it’ll cost them a mere $1 via an IAP. It’s not a bad price at all to get all of this awesome content!

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Paragon Infinite is an extremely addictive endless arcade game that should definitely be checked out. This is one Flappy Bird-esque title that you wont stop playing any time soon!

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