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Addicting Anti-Runner Not So Fast Leaps Onto Android

There have been many endless runners released over the years but perhaps none as unique as indie developer Elemental Zeal’s addicting new parody of the genre Not So Fast. While this retro themed reverse runner does feature an endless supply of side scrolling heroes trying their best to make it through a pixelated obstacle course that’s not who players will be controlling. Rather, Not So Fast flips the genre on its head by charging players with defeating these 8-bit hoodlums using whatever means necessary like dropping brick walls out of the sky or blowing up the level itself. An ingenious arcade strategy hybrid at its core, Not So Fast is perfect for any runner playing gamer who’s ever felt like someone was on the other side of the screen laughing as you failed again and again.

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Things start out simple enough with players initially only having to halt the progress of a small group of dim witted runners, but Not So Fast wisely utilizes an experience based leveling system that gradually ramps up the difficulty while adding in cool new gameplay elements along the way. Timing and quick planning are key as players only have a limited window in which they can place obstacles in the way of the oncoming horde of protagonists. And just when you think you’ve found a winning strategy the runners get an intelligence boost and begin outsmarting your traps which creates a perpetual need to reinvent your approach.


Not So Fast is one of the most unique Android games to come along in a while thanks to its clever spin on the endless runner genre and addicting gameplay. You can pick it up now for only $.99 on Google Play.

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