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Genre-Blending RPG/RTS/TD/Shooter Bardbarian Slams onto Google Play

Edmonton indie game developer (my home town!) TreeFortress has finally ported their fantastic TD/RPG/RTS/Shooter mash-up Bardbarian onto Google Play. This game has been available on the Amazon App Store for the last month or so but the move to Google Play has added some changes to the game; primarily the implementation of a F2P model rather than the one time purchase model. This is far from being a bad thing though as it opens the game up to a much broader audience, and surprisingly the in-game currency actually comes to you at a more than reasonable rate! That’s right, you don’t have to play 100 games just to purchase one upgrade! 

So… what’s up with that silly typo in the title? That’s no typo! Don’t be ridiculous! This game is about a barbarian named Brad that just happens to be a little bit of a bard in his free time. You see…. bard + barbarian = bardbarian! Haha, you clever guys. Okay okay, enough of that.

So it turns out that Brad’s little town has just come under siege by unrelenting hordes of vile creatures and horrible bosses. Naturally you’d expect that the towns barbarian would come out to fight off these invaders, right? Typically that would be the case, but Brad has actually been growing tired of the usual grind for XP and he has decided to let the other townfolk do the fighting for him. Using the power of his recently crafted magical lute (which Brad made out of an old axe) he’ll gather up the towns forces to do his bidding and ultimately return peace this this once humble town.

bardbarian2 bardbarian1

One thing about Bardbarian that really makes it stand out from other games is it’s completely unique style of gameplay. During my time with the game I have come to the conclusion that it is a kind of 2 dimensional tower defense game. You know what I mean… those games where the enemies rush towards your base via three different predetermined pathways. Well, that’s what Bardbarian is most easily described as, but the games unique gameplay elements really make it feel unlike anything you have ever played before; primarily that you’re not sending waves of troops back at your enemies. Rather you have total control of Brad and you can wander around the game map in whatever way you see fit. You’ll summon followers to you with the help of your magical lute and they’ll join up with you and attack any enemies they get close enough to. The gameplay is a real blast that adds fun new elements that are both action-packed and strategic.

In Bardbarian your goal is to destroy waves of enemies of increasing difficulty as you gather loot and protect your town’s prized decorative crystal. If you (Brad) or the crystal get destroyed it is game over for you. To make things easier you can use the loot you collect to unlock and upgrade new units as well as purchase new and incredibly useful upgrades for Brad. These upgrades actually make a huge difference in how well you’ll do in battle so gathering as much gold as possible is a must if you plan on making it through this game’s challenging story mode!

On top of Story mode Bardbarian also features two other games modes that are actually a lot of fun add a tonne of added play time to the game. These modes are Survival mode where you must fend off enemies for as long as you can, and Endless Mode is essentually an endless runner. You earn cash in all three game modes which actually means they’re actually worth checking out!

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  • Beautiful, hand­drawn artwork from start to finish
  • An awesome Rock/Metal original soundtrack by Maximum Satan
  • Bizarre genre­bending hybrid gameplay
  • Gamecenter Integration with Achievements and Leaderboards
  • 12 unique units to unlock
  • Customize your party loadout; Over 200 possible combinations
  • Collect loot from your fallen enemies and upgrade Brad, the town, and your units
  • A difficulty curve that will punish you for making mistakes, and you will
  • Over 8 enemy types to make you regret everything
  • 4 Epic boss battles to crush your spirits
  • Endless and Survival modes with leaderboards for when you’re feeling competitive
  • There’s a dinosaur boss
  • Ratcoon!When can I play it?


Bardbarian is among one of the best mobile games I have played to this very day! It’s great graphics and unbelievably awesome gameplay make this an absolute must play. Download it today! Do it!

Developer Website: Tree Fortress

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