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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #37 – Sunday Edition

Welcome to a very special Sunday edition of the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up! While we weren’t able to publish the round-up on Friday as originally planned, we’d never let a week pass without giving a recap of all the latest indie Android games to hit the Google Play Store. Join us as we take a look at 18 of best new indie games available on Android this week.

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0-Snake from Evil Indie Games

Our friends over at developer Evil Indie Games, the independent studio behind titles like Chiptune Runner and Draw Wars, are back with an addicting new minimalist arcade game called 0-Snake that puts a mobile friendly spin on the ubiquitous Snake genre. Emphasizing simple one touch controls and intuitive gameplay, 0-Snake will feel both familiar and new to anyone who grew up with the classic game on their computer or cell phone. 0-Snake also features Google Play Games integration so gamers can compete against each other all around the world for the best score.

0-snake3 0-snake2 0-snake1


138 Polyhedron Runner from Alex Swan

Spheroid Cyclone developer Alex Swan is no stranger to mind bending graphics, in fact you could say it’s his calling card. For evidence, look no further than this insanely trippy and uber-cool runner esque action game that has players flying through a cube within a cube within a cube within a …… well, you get the picture. A terrific followup to Alex Swan’s previous game, 138 Polyhedron Runner will push your cognitive skills to the limit!

138-polyhedron2 138-polyhedron3


Beat Drift from Lunar Pixel Games

Speaking of insanely trippy runners, the critically acclaimed arcade game Beat Drift has finally made its way to Android. This high octane adventure has players flying around a three dimensional course at breakneck speeds while trying to avoid slamming into a brick wall. Delivering addicting action and spectacular spectacle in spades, Beat Drift takes arcade running to the extreme!

beatdrift2 beatdrift


Gravity Blocks from Sirnik

Combine clever puzzles, coffee, and tons of cheeky humor and you’ve got Gravity Blocks, a new logic puzzler from indie dev Sirnik. As an anthropomorphized block it’s up to players to rearrange and slide their way around levels so as to get to your much beloved coffee mug. Along the way you’ll have to collect stars, fight zombie blocks, and blow stuff to smithereens with huge boxes of tnt. Gravity Blocks simply addicting puzzle action is a barrel of fun.

gravblocks1 gravblocks2


Land Phil from Bulkhead Studios

This challenging platformer takes a simple concept and turns it into something special by mixing fast paced twitch action with precision gameplay. As the title character Phil players have a simple goal, get out of the way of an oncoming landslide as quickly as possible! They’ll need to dive through small holes in the ground at just the right speed or else Phil will get crushed by huge boulders, and no one wants that.



Light Hero from Boinkisim

Light Hero is an entertaining new arcade shoot ’em up with retro game design inspired by the classics. As an ace pilot in the future patrolling the far reaches of space, players will blast their way through hordes of enemy fighters and monstrous asteroid fields through a variety of levels that each hold their own secrets. There’s even a really neat light based high score system for the arcade purists out there.

lighthero2 lighthero23


Math Effect from Kidga Games

Looking for a fun new way to learn arithmetic? Meet Math Effect, a fantastic new learning aide that turns math into a game! Players are presented with a rapid succession of equations that are either right or wrong with each right answer contributing to their high score. Whether you’re an advanced math prodigy or a young student learning the basics, Math Effect is the perfect way to improve your mind.



Monster Wars from Liv Games

This ghoulish followup to the hit real time strategy game Legendary Wars expands the scope of its predecessor with brand new modes, monstrous heroes, and a refined combat system. Players will still lead a massive army into battle in an epic war between humans and monsters, except this time around they’ll be commanding a motley crew of vampires, zombies, and all sorts of other horrifying creatures. If you like fast paced strategy with a dash of hack and slash, check out Monster Wars! 

monsterwars1 monsterwars2


Monumental Moves from Portable Pixels Limited

The creators behind the hit retro pet sim Hatchi are back with a colorful new puzzler called Monumental Moves that’s all about logical destruction. Players have to clear each stage by tapping on like colored blocks in order to destroy them along with their surrounding brethren without backing themselves into a proverbial corner or wrecking their high score. Monumental Moves is a fun and relaxing puzzler with great sound design.



Pixel Shooter from Pixolated

Blasting its way exclusively onto Android is indie developer Pixolated’s addicting new endless shoot ’em up Pixel Shooter. Combining retro style shooter design with endless runner asthetics Pixel Shooter is an inventive throwback that will keep you hitting continue no matter how many times you die. If you’re in the mood for a great new shoot ’em up check out Pixel Shooter!



Reckless Stunts from Epollomes

It seems that Epollomes, the indie dev behind the hit platformer Sugar Monster, has upped their game considerably as evidenced by their awesome new racer Reckless Stunts. As the name implies, Reckless Stunts is a physics based stunt extravaganza where players can get behind the wheel of some of the worlds most incredible vehicles and even some that don’t exist! Sporting great graphics and high replay value, Reckless Stunts is definitely a game to check out.

recklessstuns recklessstuns2


Shu’s Garden from Crafted Reveries

We’re strong believers that games can be art given a sufficient amount of creativity and skill. A perfect example of this is indie dev Crafted Reveries’ beautiful new side scroller Shu’s Garden. Part Katamari, part Little Big Planet, Shu’s Garden is a surreal romp through a gorgeous alien world that reacts and grows with you. The open ended gameplay structure allows players to explore at their leisure while spreading plant life wherever they go.

shu4 shu2


Slido from Very Nice Studio

From the studio that brought us the language puzzler Word Hex comes Slido, an addicting new twitch arcade game with simple yet maddeningly challenging design. As different colored blocks start falling out of the sky players need to slide a multi colored bar across the bottom of the screen in order to catch them before they destroy the defensive barrier and cause game over. Imagine Tetris on steroids decided to start imitating Missile Command and you’ll have an idea of what Slido’s all about.

slido1 slido2 slido3


Stonie from Haraldur Þrastarson

Stonie is a fun retro arcade game that pays homage to classics like Boulder Dash while adding in a few new ideas of its own. Players will dig their way through increasingly complex levels filled with giant rocks in search of the gems they need to exit each level. If you like games like Boulder Dash check Stonie out!

stonie1 stonie2


Sushi Quest from Sérgio Flores

Sergio Flores is most known for his Minimon series of pocket monster games but he’s also made a number of other great games one of which has just bounced its way onto Android. A charming 3D action adventure game, Sushi Quest casts players as an intrepid feline explorer in search of a long lost cat treasure hidden among some of the worlds most dangerous yet beautiful locales. Sushi Quest’s puzzle tinged action and 3D visuals give it a console quality feeling.

sushi2 sushi1


The Lead Ball from Leandro Palmieri

While it’s true that we’ll probably never see a mobile version of Super Mario Bros fans of this classic platformer can now get their fix with the awesome new NES style runner The Lead Ball. Just like the platformers of old, The Lead Ball features tough as nails run ‘n jump gameplay that will push your gaming skills to the limit. It’s up to players to guide a radioactive lead ball through a vaguely Mario like obstacle course in the sky while dodging fireballs and smashing floating boxes.



Test Chamber from Shark Jump Studios

Those that like mind bending spatial puzzlers like Portal will definitely want to check out the thought provoking new existentialist puzzle adventure Test Chamber. This metaphorical mazefest tells the story of a once great civilization that’s been destroyed by some metaphysical catastrophe and the people who survived only to find themselves lost in time and space. It’s up to one cube-headed hero to make sense of everything and build a bridge out of his plane of existence brick by brick all the while uncovering the truth behind what’s happened to everyone.

testchamber1 testchamber2


Upworld from Abjatron

This award winning arcade game from indie dev Abjatron has a unique art style that meshes well with its Tower Bloxx esque gameplay. Players will stack a horde of adorable aliens on top of each other in order to create a ladder to space but be careful, if the alien building blocks aren’t lined up just right the whole thing will come crashing down. Upworld keeps the action fresh and interesting by bouncing the action between several different gameplay styles with high replayability.

upworld1 upworld2 upworld3


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The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by the combined Voltron-like powers of Craig Forshey and James Maxwell!

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