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Eccentric Action Puzzler Noah Should Sails Onto Android

There are tons of cool new Android games coming out all the time but once in a while a game comes along that makes you do a double take so hard you get whiplash. Games like the eccentric new action hybrid Noah Should from indie developer DinoMerguez.

This sardonic take on the biblical story of Noah has alot of fun with its presentation and implements a clever gameplay design that weaves together multiple genres into an overarching narrative. In between quirky conversations with God players have to gather enough animals to repopulate the earth and build an ark to house them all. Except this Noah likes to capture animals with a grappling hook and throw them flying onto the ark.

noahshould1 noahshould13

After capturing enough animals players must then arrange them in a strategic manner on the ark in a bizarre Tetris like sequence. There’s a higher importance to these two different styles of gameplay though as they directly effect the final round of each level in which players have to prevent the ark from capsizing in little mini practice floods God is sending to test Noah. Things start out simple enough with only a few animals to worry about and a relatively small ark so newcomers can get the hang of the game mechanics, but after a few levels the challenge ramps up and players will find themselves balancing a veritable zoos worth of creatures on their tiny ship.


If you’re looking for a fun and funny new action game that also makes you think, Noah Should will definitely fit the bill. Speaking of bills, Noah Should is a completely free game with no in-app purchases of any kind so there’s that too. Give Noah Should a try today!

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