Published on March 26th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Open World Platformer Shu’s Garden Rolls Onto Google Play

While mobile devices have long been maligned as just another toy for children to rot their brains with, they can also be a powerful and inspiring teaching tool when utilized properly. A perfect example of this is indie developer Crafted Reveries’ beautiful new open ended platformer Shu’s Garden. By incorporating a sense of wonder and core ecological concepts into a Little Big Planet esque sidescroller, Crafted Reveries has created a living breathing world in Shu’s Garden that while designed for younger gamers, is sure to be a delight for players of any age.

shusgarden2 shusgarden23

Shu’s Garden is an open ended experience with no real set goals or objectives save to explore its beautiful world and design your own personal garden. Players control Shu, a bouncy alien who causes plant life to grow where ever she is. As Shu rolls her way around she’ll be able to pick seeds and flowers that can be planted and grown in order to grow more seeds of their own. This intuitive system is based on real life plant life cycles and helps players to have a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature. There is still plenty of progression to be had and secrets to be found though, as different types of plants and rare items can yield incredible power ups that give Shu new abilities.


Are you looking for a mobile game with no in app purchases that’s both fun and educational? If so I would highly recommend you check out Shu’s Garden right away!

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