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SGD’s Indie Game of the Month – March 2014

Welcome to the very first Super Game Droid Indie Game of the Month Award post. This month has seen a massive amount of fantastic indie games so it has been a bit of a challenge deciding on just a few that stood out as our absolute favourites.  Despite the competition being so strong there were a few games that managed to impress us enough to consider them the best indie games of the month. Here they are:


Bardbarian from TreeFortress

Our winner for March 2014 is the fantastic RTS/TD/RPG/Action game mash-up Bardbarian. This is one of the most unique and enjoyable games I have come across since I started playing mobile games a couple of years ago, and that’s saying a lot for someone that write’s game reviews! That’s enough about me though, let’s get back to talking about this frigging awesome game!

In my opinion Bardbarian most closely resembles a 2D side-scrolling tower defense game – well, aside from the fact that you’re given total control of your characters movement. No longer are you picking a lane and sending your troops towards the enemy base. Actually, there is no enemy base! However, you will be defending a giant crystal from enemy attack… so I guess Bardbarian is more of a tower defence game after all? Well, regardless of what you want to classify Bardbarian as it’s impossible to ignore the fact that this game is an absolute blast to play! The gameplay is obviously unique, there are a tonne of units and perks to unlock and upgrade, there are several fun and unique game modes, and the game’s hand-drawn art style is a real joy to look at. Bardbarian manages to hit on all the critical aspects that make a game truly fun and engaging and it’s because of this that it deserves the title of this months Indie Game of the Month. bardbarianwinner



With there being so many great games released this month it was impossible to limit our selection to just one game. Here are two other games that really stood out as impressive contributions to the indie made android gaming scene:

Faif from Beavl

While Faif was initially made available to gamers back in February as a beta it didn’t receive it’s official release until the beginning of this month – and as such it definitely deserves a spot in this list. For those of you that haven’t downloaded Faif yet – shame on you! Okay, okay… maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh – but seriously, download it right now!

Faif is a hugely addictive tile-matching puzzle-RPG that makes use of a unique gambling-themed combat system. You’ll match a variety of tiles to either attack your enemy, increase your health, or increase your number of gems. It is of the utmost importance to figure out some sort of strategy going into each battle as the game’s AI is actually incredibly challenging! Sure the first few will be simple enough but once you delve deeper into the game you’ll find yourself getting your butt kicked quite often. Luckily there’s a handy-dandy store in the game (in-game gems are used, not real money) that will give you a nice (and much needed) advantage over your enemies. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a multiplayer mode in the works too, which will make this already time-absorbing game even more addictive! Faif is a truly unique puzzle-RPG that absolutely every gamer needs to check out! You wont be disappointed. Trust me on this.faif

Warp 5 Overdrive from Bearded Man Studios

To round up our top picks of March we have chosen the fantastically twisted (quite literally) arcade dodge-em-up Warp 5 Overdrive. I’m sure the majority of gamers have played dodge-em-up games in the past, but I assure you you haven’t played one quite like this. You take command of a space ship that is constantly ascending a cylindrical tube while avoiding any of the plethora of obstacles you come into contact with. There are fast falling asteroids, red rings of death, a deadly danger zone filled with a relentless onslaught of enemies, and the list goes on and on. Each of these obstacles are thrown at you randomly and each of them is both challenging and infuriating in their own way.

To make things even more challenging the game will even twist, spin, and rotate the camera in a variety of ways that will really mess with your head! You could be in the middle of a run and the camera will start rotating around as you try to navigate through an already challenging maze of white bricks! It can be infuriating, and you WILL die a lot, but at least you’ll be having a blast while you’re doing it.

If you’re a fan of dodge-em-ups, you love the voxel art graphic style, or you’re just looking for a truly unique arcade game you owe it to yourself to download Warp 5 Overdrive!warp5overdrive


So those are our top indie-made games picks for the month of March. If you haven’t checked them out yet it is highly recommended that you do so right away! What were your favorite games this month? Feel free to post your favourite games in the comments section below!

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