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Metal Gear Tribute Outer Heaven Becomes Original IP Hundred Fires

If you’re a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series chances are you’ve probably heard of Metal Gear: Outer Heaven, the fan made tribute game that did an impressive job of bringing a brand new adventure for Solid Snake to Android devices. Regrettably, Metal Gear: Outer Heaven was removed from Google Play for copyright infringement despite being completely free and clearly labeled as a non-profit title. While unfortunate this laid the groundwork for Outer Heaven developer David Amado Fernandez to use his experience in creating tactical espionage action games to introduce a brand new original IP called Hundred Fires. Running on the same engine that gave Outer Heaven its impressive graphics and cutscenes, Hundred Fires tells an original story revolving around the failed bay of pigs invasion at the height of the cold war in 1961.

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While no longer connected to the Metal Gear universe like Outer Heaven was, Hundred Fires is a highly ambitious indie game that does an admirable job of being just as enthralling and entertaining as its predecessor. Without giving too much of the somewhat convoluted storyline away, players take on the role of a veteran soldier trapped behind enemy lines in Cuba after being betrayed by the CIA. At first the goal is merely to escape, but soon players discover a rogue nuclear weapon being controlled by a mysterious figure whose motivations are unknown.

Metal Gear Solid aficionados will find alot to love about Hundred Fires despite a few rough spots here and there. The gameplay is highly reminiscent of the PS2 Metal Gear titles complete with outrageous cutscenes and the superb motion comics that supplement the story feel like they came straight out of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The animations could use some work though and the controls are a far cry from where they need to be in order for players to enjoy the game to the fullest. There are full voice overs for every character in the game although not in English, but subtitles are provided.


Rather than give up on making the type of game he loves indie dev David Amado Fernandez used a monumental setback to his favor in order to come back with an impressive new IP he can call his own, a sure sign that a developer will continue to improve his game well beyond its release. Hundred Fires is available now for about a dollar on Google Play.

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