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Open World LCD Adventure Game Veritas Out Now

Many old school gamers remember a simpler time back before the advent of smartphones and Gameboys when mobile gaming was only possible on cumbersome single game hardware that held about as much computing power as your typical digital watch. It’s a testament to the developers behind these ancient mobile LCD devices that many such handhelds are still regarded as classics to this day in spite of their limited technological capabilities. Although video game hardware has come a long way since then some would argue that game design really hasn’t changed all that much since the days of yore. A good game is a good game regardless of whether its running in 1080p or 18p. It’s in this spirit that indie developer Brainskis has unveiled its uber-nostalgic RPG Veritas: Light Conquers Darkness, a minimalistic retro epic that pushes LCD gaming to the limits and beyond.

veritas2 main_ingame

Veritas looks and feels like The Legend Of Zelda Game & Watch on steroids. As a brave young warrior on a quest to save his people from destruction by the dark lord Moldark and his cronies, players will explore a surprisingly huge open world in search of 40 mystical orbs that have been scattered throughout the games hidden dungeons. The level of scale achieved in Veritas is impressive to say the least as Brainskis has managed to infuse the equivalent of an entire SNES rpg into a LCD handheld. There are dastardly enemies roaming the land patrolling for scrawny heroes such as yourself, NPCs hiding out in villages that can clue you into valuable information, mazes that will test your wits, shooting galleries for when you just want good old fashioned arcade fun, and much much more!


A fantastic retro RPG that reminds us you don’t need outrageous graphics to make a good game, Veritas: Light Conquers Darkness is available now for $2.50 on Google Play as a regular paid game with no ads or in app purchases.

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