Published on April 18th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Devilishly Fun Arcade Game Sheep In Hell Arrives On Android

It’s not unusual to see demons in a video game nowadays, but it’s not every day that you see a horde of possessed demonic sheep pull their natural enemy the wolf down into the lower layers of hell in a case of unholy vengeance. That’s the darkly humorous vision of the afterlife imagined in indie dev David.CM’s eccentric action arcade game Sheep In Hell. At times feeling like a bizarre meeting of Doom and Crash Bandicoot, Sheep In Hell delivers intuitive arcade gameplay with high replay value thanks to its procedurally generated dungeon design and addicting qualities.

sheepinhell2 sheepinhell3

As the aforementioned wolf it’s up to players to smash their way through the undead hordes of demon sheep that are waiting to strike at every turn in all sorts of nasty ways and break out of hell. Even in hell though a wolf is still a sheep’s natural predator so while players will be facing off against rocket launcher packing sheep and pyromaniac chickadees they won’t be defenseless. By rapidly tapping the screen to attack the endless army of possessed sheep players can rack up some serious points and build up crazy combos to earn achievements and top their high score.


Sheep In Hell is a terrific action arcade romp with addicting gameplay and tongue-in-cheek humor. You can pick it up now for about a dollar on Google Play.

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