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Mesmerizing Shoot ‘Em Up Kosmik Revenge Blasts Onto Google Play

Indie developer Realtech VR’s terrific new arcade shoot em up Kosmik Revenge is now available on Google Play following a successful launch on the Android powered OUYA console. The newest creation from the studio behind award winning games like No Gravity and Iron Fist Boxing, Kosmik Revenge is a crazy awesome old school style shooter that merges the over the top action of Geometry Wars and arcade sensibilities of Space Invaders into a powerfully addicting concoction of refreshing gameplay and novel mechanics that even the most jaded of shoot em up fans will adore. Not content with merely being a great shooter, Kosmik Revenge has a litany of impressive features like mesmerizing graphics, rogue-like gameplay elements, and an extremely catchy soundtrack.

kosmikrevenge23 kosmikrevenge2

Imagine Galaga on steroids with tons of beautiful explosions and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from Kosmik Revenge. As the galaxy’s last best hope against an unstoppable alien armada it’s up to players to blast their way to victory by sending every last one of the invader’s ships to the scrap heap. Oustanding bullet hell gameplay, RPG style upgrades, and a penchant for visual flair easily make Kosmik Revenge one of the best arcade shooters on Android


When we reviewed Kosmik Revenge last week we praised it for its addicting twitch gameplay and highly impressive production values, a hallmark of indie developer Realtech VR. Now it’s your turn to take this awesome new shoot ’em up for a spin. You can pick up Kosmik Revenge now for $1 on Google Play.

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  • thermoplastics

    Great game and has immersive mode out the box to boot!

  • Tom Darnell

    A fun but very harsh and punishing arcade shooter. The game is easy to control and has no ads or in app purchases, which is perfect. All enemies are 1 hit kill, which might not be what all players are looking for, as it is a challenge to survive for long. One mechanic I would say is slightly too overtuned is the ships flight down to the player, as they swoop across the bottom of the screen, and two of them doing this at once is impossible to avoid. Interesting sound track, and appealing art. 5/5

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