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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #42

Finding cool new games to play on Android can be an involving process, but don’t worry SGD’s got your back. Here at Super Game Droid we use the super-human hive mind of our editorial team to find the best new indie Android games to arrive each week then wrap them all up with a nice tidy bow in this weekly round-up. From shooters to platformers to puzzlers, 22 awesome indie titles are waiting for you below!

Be sure to vote for your favorite new indie Android game in the poll at the bottom of the page too. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page!


Anti Runner from CosmiConnection Studios

Anti Runner is a game for those gamers that are sick and tired of the ‘endless runner’ genre. Well, how would you like it if the tables were turned and you were the one in charge of deploying dastardly obstacles? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Anti Runner! You’ll set up and upgrade a variety of traps that will burn, freeze, and smash the unknowing horde of AI that wants nothing more than to succeed. It’s completely up to you to crush their measly hopes and dreams!

antirunner1 antirunner2


Back From Afar from Peliosuuskunta Expa

Back From Afar is a truly stunning 2D space platformer that features a surprisingly deep storyline. You control a boy that is being picked on because of his love of all things space. When a group of bullies steal his much beloved toy rocket the boy escapes to a new dimension where he’ll gain the courage he needs to stand up for what he believes in. Pretty deep, right? As for the gameplay in Back From Afar you control the little boy through a variety of gorgeous worlds using a simple point-and-click movement system. Your goal is quite simple: to collect all of the ‘orbs of courage’ and finish the level as quickly as you can.

Back From Afar is a game that you absolutely can’t miss out on. Download it for free from Google Play today!

backfromafar1 backfromafar2


Blockman World from Jayenkai

Jayenkai is back at it again – and this time he has released a new addition to his Blockman series called Blockman World. Blockman World is best described as Pacman meets puzzler. Your goal is simply to control Blockman through a maze-like world while guiding his Blocklet friends back home. It’s certainly an interesting concept – and it’s 3000+ levels are sure to keep you busy for a long time! Don’t miss out on Jayenkai’s newest gem. Downloack Blockman World today!

blockworlds1 blockworlds2


Bomb Bob from Extrawurst

You are Bob, a construction worker with a real knack for diffusing bombs. This might seem like a strange skill to have, but who cares – the evil Dr. Zed is trying to blow up your much beloved city and you’re the only one who can stop him! You’re going to need nerves of steel and a cool head if you have any hope of putting an end to this evil mastermind! So put on your hard hat and get ready for one of the fastest skill based games on Android!

bombbob2 bombbob1


Cover Color from First Games Interactive

This pattern based logic puzzler is aimed at both kids and adults alike with its brain teasing gameplay that helps players sharpen their cognitive abilities. Players are tasked with the seemingly simple challenge of replicating a particular pattern by stacking different colored shapes on top of each other, but this quickly proves more difficult than you would initially suspect. Cover Color is a fun and intellectually stimulating puzzler that uses a simple premise to great effect.

covercolor1 covercolor2


Defend your Crypt from Ratalaika Games

A charming side scrolling strategy game, Defend Your Crypt mixes elements of tower defense, platforming, and even Lemmings to make a unique new entry into the genre. As a centuries old pharaoh who’s been awakened by greedy tomb raiders who are after the gold in your sarcophagus, players must use a variety of deadly traps to put an end to these grave robbing interlopers. With great gameplay, terrific production value, and an interesting premise, Defend Your Crypt is an awesome new strategy game that any tower defense aficionado will adore.

DYC_Screen_V DYC_Screen_IV


Dig to China from Games Butler

Dig to China is a hugely addictive tile busting digging game that is sure to get you hooked within a matter of minutes. Your goal is quite simple: dig through a billion blocks in order to get to China. Wait… that isn’t simple at all! Luckily along the way you’ll collect resources, buy upgrades, and who knows… maybe one day you might just make it to your ultimate destination?

digtochina1 digtochina2 digtochina3


Dodgy Wings from Moliu Lab

Dodgy Wings is what I would like to call a bullet-hell-dodge’em. Using your devices accelerometer you must skilfully maneuver your aircraft through what can best be described as certain death. Bullets come at you from all directions so you’ll need a whole lot of luck if you hope to survive! Luckily there are multiple planes to unlock and a variety of skills that might give you the bit of an edge you need to survive a few moments longer!

dodgywings2 dodgywings1 dodgywings3


Element Tower Defense from Infinite Action

Wheel Of Attack developer Infinite Action is back with a challenging new tower defense game called Element Tower Defense that incorporates an over the top amount of different units and gameplay elements for a unique experience. Unlike most tower defense games that tend to be very limiting and rote in their implementation, Element Tower Defense features a staggering 43 types of towers across 6 different elements that all have widely varied effects on enemy units. There’s a ton of cool player friendly design choices too like a targeting system for each individual tower, auto-build, and more!

elementtowerdefense elementtowerdefense2


Goomy: To the Rainbow from Simone Conia

Goomy: To the Rainbow is a colourful endless-platformer that is filled with a tonne of charm. You control one of over 10 Goomies that must make their way through over 10 obstacle filled worlds with your ultimate goal being to defeat the world’s big baddie of a boss. The gameplay is simple but addictive and it’s sure to get you hooked instantly. Download Goomy: To the Rainbow for free from Google Play – and don’t worry, there are no IAP’s here!

goomy2 goomy1


Hairy Balls from Redtribe

The hit iOS puzzler Hairy Balls has rolled onto Android and it’s just as hair raisingly fun as ever. Players have to solve increasingly more complex spatial based riddles in a gorgeously rendered isometric environment. Hairy Balls combines addicting gameplay and charming graphics into a terrific mobile puzzler.

hairyballs1 hairyballs2


Kosmik Revenge from Realtech VR

Imagine Galaga on steroids with tons of beautiful explosions and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from Kosmik Revenge. As the galaxy’s last best hope against an unstoppable alien armada it’s up to players to blast their way to victory by sending every last one of the invader’s ships to the scrap heap. Oustanding bullet hell gameplay, RPG style upgrades, and a penchant for visual flair easily make Kosmik Revenge one of the best arcade shooters on Android.

kosmikrevenge23 kosmikrevenge2


Make Love Not Beard from Pixel of Galaxies

Make Love Not Beard is a bizarre game that’s all about growing a truly wondrous beard for the woman you love. You want to keep your woman happy, right? You’re going to have to head out to the streets and gather as much of the falling miracle hair growth serum while dodging an assortment of beard-trimming obstacles. Will you be able to grow your beard down to the floor and make your woman truly happy once and for all?



MAGNETOID from Room 247 Studio

MAGNETOID is a vertical endless ‘runner’ that puts you in control of an evil and totally badass robot that can change his magnetic polarity at will. His plan: putting an end to humanity! Muahaha! He’s evil, so he’s definitely going about things the right way! As you blast skyward you’ll simply tap on your device to get mister evil robot to switch polarity and avoid any obstacles that get in his way. As you progress you accelerate and obstacles get more frequent… so how far do you think you can stay alive? Will you be able to bring an end to the human race? Download MAGNETOID today to find out for yourself!

magnetoid1 magnetoid2 magnetoid3


Onigiri Escape from Meyo Studios

There are thousands of endless runners available for Android so it takes something really special to make it onto the indie round-up. Onigiri Escape is one such game. You control an onigiri – a type of Japanese rice ball – and your goal is to survive for as long as possible. For an endless runner that really shouldn’t be a surprise, but the developer threw in a fantastic Game Boy-esque graphics style and a bunch of fun gameplay elements to make Onigiri Escape stand out as something truly unique. The main stand out feature: if you run into an enemy when out running you will be entered into one of several mini-games. If you manage to win this battle your run will continue, but if you fail it’ll be game over. It’s a fun mechanic that feels fresh for the genre and really makes Onigiri Escape a must play game.

onigiri1 onigiri2


Sniper Tactical from fragOut Studio

An indie studio formed by veteran developers who’ve worked on AAA games like Arma III, fragOut Studio is making a big splash with its gorgeous new first person shooter Sniper Tactical. This pulse pounding military sim puts players in the shoes of an elite sniper whose been tasked with taking out bad guys while making sure innocent hostages aren’t caught in the crossfire or allowing enemy snipers a chance to shoot back. A fantastic new fps in the vein of Hitman Sniper Challenge, Sniper Tactical features addicting gameplay and jaw dropping visuals.

snipertactical snipertactical2


Spectrum Slide from ID3NTITY CRISIS

Spectrum Slide is an absolutely beautiful block sliding game that requires you to match same-coloured blocks while racing the clock as you burn through the game’s 99 levels. If the game’s addictive gameplay wasn’t enough to keep you playing there are also online leaderboards to keep you playing time and time again. Spectrum Slide is one puzzle game that you do not want to miss out on!

spectrum1 spectrum2


Super Cherry Blast from Arif Games

Super Cherry Blast is a simple yet challenging arcade game with a hint of fast paced strategy. Sporting an interesting bullet-time esque spin on games like Fruit Ninja, Super Cherry Blast charges players with destroying flying fruit barrages in precise fashion. Rather than merely destroy every cherry they see, players need to designate particular targets in a very small window while completing bonus challenges like following certain color patterns.



TAYL from OMGWare

An incredibly fun retro anti-shooter that feels like a manic combination of Snake and Geometry Wars, TAYL is a must download for anyone who considers themselves a fan of old school shoot ’em ups. Players pilot a lone fightercraft against challenging AI powered enemies in a desperate struggle for survival using only the ships exhaust as a weapon. Featuring beautiful graphics, a head bobbing soundtrack, and crazy addicting gameplay, TAYL is destined to be a hit, check it out!

tayl2 tayl23


Tiny Pilot from Deadly Serious Media

This week was a busy week for the guys at Deadly Serious Media. These guys actually released three small mini-games at the same time: Danger Room, Super Penguin Panic, and of course Tiny Pilot. Each of these game’s uses the developers fantastic minimalist art style and each of them is quite a lot of fun. Plus they’re all free – so check them all out!

As for Tiny Pilot, this is a one-touch game that’s all about evasion. Tap to pull up and release to drop. The gameplay is addictive and there are plenty of planes to unlock – so this should keep you busy for quite a bit. How far do you think you can stay aloft in these dangerous skies?

tinypilot1 tinypilot2


Wave Weaver from Kohki Miki

Wave Weaver is a simple action game where you must change the colour of your character to match the incoming waves. The game combines addictive gameplay together with beautiful minimalistic art and a gorgeous soundtrack to make a game that absolutely shouldn’t be missed. It’s free too so you don’t have any reason not to check it out!

waveweaver1 waveweaver2 waveweaver3


A Weird Deep Dungeon from MolaMola

I don’t know what it is but as of late I have been getting hooked on ‘tapping games’. You tap on the screen to earn credits that can be used to buy upgrades that will earn you credits faster. Initially the idea sounded absurd – but for whatever reason these games are ridiculously addictive! My latest addiction is A Weird Deep Dungeon from MolaMola – a dungeon crawler that uses this tapping game mechanic in a way that is unlike anything I have seen before it. You tap on an enemy to inflict damage to them which will reward you with XP and two forms of currency. You will use these different aspects to upgrade a variety of different game aspects – like your magic skills, your attack damage, the weapon you use, or even the amount of currency you earn per second. It all flows together in a unique and highly addictive manner – and its fantastically crafted pixel art style really pulls it all together nicely. If you’re looking for a simple time killer you absolutely need to download A Weird Deep Dungeon today!



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