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Action Packed Side Scroller Aliens Drive Me Crazy Coming Soon

Indie studio Rebel Twins has made some awesome games before, but its newest project is so impressive that it appears it may have actually just been getting started. The Daddy Was A Thief developer has an awesome looking action platformer on the way called Aliens Drive Me Crazy that feels like a bizarre marriage of Contra and Rampage. Rebel Twins pulled out all the stops in order to make Aliens Drive Me Crazy as over the top as possible and it shows with its beautifully chaotic animations and finely tuned arcade gameplay.

Aliens_Drive_Me_Crazy-(2) Aliens_Drive_Me_Crazy-(1)

Set in a end of the world type scenario where aliens have invaded Earth and set up shop, Aliens Drive Me Crazy casts players as one of the few survivors capable of fighting back against the extraterrestrial menace. The aliens are everywhere, so players must drive around their city-turned-warzone exterminating these deadly foes in a variety of fun and destructive ways. It won’t be easy though as the aliens have access to crazy weapons like giant mecha dinosaurs and nuclear missiles. As players get further into the game and unlock powerful new upgrades they’ll also run into over powered alien bosses that each have levels of their own.


Aliens Drive Me Crazy looks fantastic and is a terrific follow up to Rebel Twins previous games. Look for it to drop May 8th on both iOS and Android.


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