Published on May 1st, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Reverse Arcade Shooter TAYL Slithers Onto Google Play

A unique new arcade game called TAYL has arrived on Android and its turning the shooter genre on its head. This gorgeous single touch game from indie developer OMGWare combines elements of Snake, Geometry Wars, and Tron all together into one uniquely addicting arcade experience that’s not to be missed. There have been many old school style shoot ’em ups in the past but none quite as intuitive or artful as TAYL.

tay4 tay5

Like its namesake implies, TAYL’s hook is that rather than blasting away at enemies in a generic fashion players are able to wield a trailing energy tail that vaporizes any hapless enemies caught in their ships’ wake. Just because players don’t have any guns though doesn’t mean the bad guys don’t which leads to fast paced cat and mouse gameplay as players jockey for the lead position. Each enemy type sports their own challenging brand of AI and will work in concert to take your ship out of commission. There are three different modes on offer, the core “arcade” and “chaos” modes form the bulk of the experience while “evolution” turns the game into an awesome sort of reverse Geometry Wars on steroids.


In a genre overcrowded with generic games, TAYL easily stands above the rest with its beautiful graphics and inventive gameplay. You can pick it up now in both free and paid flavors on Google Play.

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