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Develop A God Complex In Epic New Strategy RPG Deity Quest

Tell someone you’ve got a cool new game that lets you play god and their immediate reaction is usually one of boredom when they envision a tediously glorified landscaping simulator as is so often the case nowadays. However, tell that same person you’ve got an absurd new strategy RPG where you force a byzantine cadre of otherworldly creatures to battle to the death in worship of your divine video gaming will and their tune tends to change entirely.

Such is the case with indie developer Fancy Fish Games’ awesome new 16-bit style RPG Deity Quest, an SNES-esque epic strategy game that carries shades of the Final Fantasy, Ogre Battle, and even Pokemon series’ at times. With its clever gameplay, intriguing storyline, and nostalgic visuals Deity Quest is one of those games that immediately commands your attention.

deity quest deity quest2

Deity Quest casts players as a newly empowered god on an alien planet with one simple mission, take over the world. It won’t be easy though as there are other rival gods to contend with so players must scour the face of the planet in search of its most powerful and deadly creatures to become their champions on the material plane.

As players explore Deity Quest’s many RPG style dungeons they’ll encounter over 128 unique monsters who must be engaged in epic 6 v 6 battles that offer much deeper strategy than your typical JRPG. Thankfully there are no random encounters and enemies lurk about each level in classic Chrono Trigger fashion, but most of the time you’ll want to fight them as each battle gives you the opportunity to capture your opponents and turn them over to your side for use in future battles.


A clever new RPG with a strategic twist that old school gamers will get a kick out of, Deity Quest is available now on Google Play for $5.00 alongside a sizable demo that provides a great intro to the games epic story.

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