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Momonga Pinball Adventures Review

Momonga Pinball Adventures scores a solid ten on the cuteness index, but you’ll be pleased to hear that behind the adorable facade is the most fiendishly addictive pinball game this reviewer’s ever played. So how have Paladin Studios pulled this off?


First off, you’re whacking a curled-up flying squirrel around instead of a ball, so there’s that, and this is just the opener in a whole series of ‘squees’ the game throws at you. Everything is bouncy and colourful and makes cute noises, including the allies you meet along the way. This is when Momonga really raises the stakes, and you find your self teaming up with various gorgeous NPC animals in order to find Momo’s way home. The voice work for these critters is superb too: it’s minimal, but absolutely adorable, so more squees there too.


Your cartoon pals join in with gusto, making new variations in the gameplay to keep you interested. One early stage has you besieged by shield-bearing birds who are only vulnerable when you hit a bell – this enrages your firefly buddy who buzzes them into submission for you to finish off with a well timed whack. It’s just one example how imaginative Momonga gets with its level design. Just when you’ve mastered it, something new comes along and it’s darned pleasing.

Occasionally, the pinballing is interrupted by top-down flying stages, Momo being a flying squirrel and all. Here you’re gathering tasty snacks and avoiding clouds in a vertically-scrolling kind of way. These stages are perhaps less interesting, but they do give you a breather in the often frantic action, and they segue the levels together quite nicely.


Momonga: Pinball Adventures gives you a lot of game for such a light price, including an arena mode as a reward for finishing the campaign. There are also multiple accomplishments to earn on each level, so there’s a good degree of re-playability too. There’s just so much game and so many great characters packed into Momonga, it’s going to keep you involved for many an hour.

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Momonga Pinball Adventures Review JC Richardson


Summary: Astonishingly beautiful and brimming with character, Momonga: Pinball Adventures has a solid core too. Well worth your time and money.


Will squee you to death

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