Published on May 8th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Shoot ‘Em Up pixelBOT Extreme! Blasts Onto Android

I think we can all agree that modern mobile games could learn a thing or two from the old school classics of yesteryear, which is why indie developer Frixels’ new 16-bit style sidescrolling shooter pixelBOT Extreme! is so awesome. This retro themed take on the endless runner feels like a blast from the past with its twitch shoot ’em up action and mercilessly unforgiving platforming elements that are sure to prove a challenge for even the most seasoned of NES/Famicom gamers. By combining aspects of classics like Megaman and Super Mario Bros along with modern mobile runners into an addicting old school style shooter, developer Frixels has created what could be best described as Flappy Bird in hell.

pixelbot123 pixelbot1

The core gameplay of pixelBOT Extreme! revolves around a simultaneous fusion of shooting and platforming, requiring players to concentrate on two simple yet challenging objectives at once as the games stages grow ever more difficult. In true old school fashion each level is made up of multi-layered terrain that will keep players on their toes as they attempt to dodge the Flappy Bird esque boulders flying at them while blasting away at deadly oncoming laser grids. And since each level is also entirely procedurally generated there won’t be any memorizing the layout here either!


A refreshing slice of old school awesome, pixelBOT Extreme! is now available on Google Play. It’s completely free too, so give it a spin!

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  • JC Richardson

    The masochist in me loves this game. The sadist in me loves watching other people play it….

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