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Swipe Based Action Epic Doom Tower Is A Hell Of A Good Game

From Yagoda Productions, the indie studio that brought us the stylish endless sidescroller Totem Runner, comes a jaw dropping new action game called Doom Tower that builds upon a tight swipe based combat system and intriguing storyline to create an epic Diablo-esque world where all sorts of nightmarish creatures await at every turn. Like a completely awesome melding together of Doom and Fruit Ninja, Doom Tower casts players as a master sorcerer charged with defending the last hellgate on Earth from being breached by the nefarious armies of the netherworld. Sporting top notch console quality graphics powered by Unity3D, addicting gameplay, and a badass atmosphere, Doom Tower hooks you in and never lets go.

doomtower133432 doomtower2

If you’re of the opinion that swipe based games are too easy or simple, Doom Tower’s dynamic combat and enemies that rival a Serious Sam title in their sheer evil wackiness will quickly change your mind. Things start off straightforward enough, with players slapping around a few goblins here and there while leveling up and learning a spell or two, but once you get past the beginners stages and get into the meat of Doom Tower players start needing to put together strategies in order to exploit each enemies weakness and manage the oncoming hordes. Luckily Yagoda Productions smartly included RPG style leveling up which allows players to bulk up their stats and unleash righteous fury by unlocking powerful new attack spells.


Imagine Diablo, Doom, and Fruit Ninja had a freaky three-way and you’ll have some idea of the awesomeness that is Doom Tower. It’s available now for free with IAP’s, I highly recommend you download this game right away!

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