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Turn Based Strategy Game Front Wars Marches Onto Android

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And while Nintendo has been mum on the subject of bringing any of its legendary IP’s to mobile devices that hasn’t stopped enterprising developers from filling in the gaps. Which brings us to the latest “homage” to make its way onto Android, the new turn based strategy game Front Wars.

As you can see, Front Wars bears a striking resemblance to Advance Wars in nearly every way. But that’s not a bad thing, far from it in fact. You see, while it may be a shameless clone with nary a shred of originality, Front Wars is still a damn good game and one of the best new strategy titles available on Google Play.

frontwars2 frontwars23

Developed by indie studio Homemade Games, Front Wars absolutely nails both the style and gameplay of Advance Wars to great success. Players command a cartoonish looking army(Which doesn’t really seem appropriate considering it takes place in WWII) about a grid based battlefield as they take the fight to enemy units across land, sea, and air. There are many different kinds of troops to command and they each come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Infantry units are cheap and quick to produce, but can’t stand up to the more expensive tank. And while faster vehicles like tanks can cover greater distances, they’d be hard pressed to outrun the guns of a massive cruiser patrolling the shoreline.  This kind of rock, paper, scissors type of dynamic is what made the Advance Wars games so enthralling and the same is true of Front Wars as well.


Odds are we’ll never see Advance Wars on Android, but Homemade Games’ Front Wars does an admirable job of being the next best thing. And with high-profile developers like Gameloft having built their business around this practice, I can’t really blame them either.

Front Wars is available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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