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Gory Swipefest Kawaii Killer On The Way, PETA Will Not Be Pleased

When it comes to video game violence, there’s not much that can genuinely shock me nowadays. Playing games like Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse over the years has thoroughly desensitized me to displays of digital gore to the point that the bar for what I deem offensive is set very high. And while indie developer Tabemasu Games’ upcoming debut action game Kawaii Killer has an outrageous level of violence that is sure to get a few people up in arms, I can’t help but applaud Tabemasu Games for being completely fearless in pursuing development of a truly unique title despite its high potential for controversy.


Imagine Fruit Ninja and Happy Tree Friends were captured by a mad scientist, sown together, and given an unlimited supply of sugar and you’ll have some idea of the hilariously violent absurdity that is Kawaii Killer. Set in an ultra cute forest world filled with cuddly animals you’d normally see in a childrens TV show, players control a trapper as he kills every critter he can find in a wide variety of gruesome ways. That’s because in addition to it being his livelihood, the trapper has a moral obligation to help the forest animals meet their maker due to the fact that beneath their innocent looking exterior these creatures are actually bloodthirsty carnivores bent on murdering every human they see.


Kawaii Killer feels very polished thanks to its detailed graphics and features tons of extras like multiple modes and achievements in addition to its innovative core gameplay. Rather than being just another Fruit Ninja clone, Kawaii Killer employs an intuitive gesture scheme that gives players all sorts of ways to viciously dispatch their enemies. Each critter has their own specific weaknesses and strengths, so you’ll have to think quick on your feet if you don’t want to get gnawed to death by warm cuddly bunnies. For example the turtle has a very strong shell that can take multiple hits so you’ll need to break out the chainsaw to euthanize it quickly so you don’t lose your combo while the skunk’s deadly noxious gas is best kept far away by hanging said skunk with a noose. Yeah, this game is really dark.

Combining an over the top concept with addicting gameplay, Kawaii Killer is sure to turn a few heads when it launches in the coming weeks for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8.

Tabemasu Games

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