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Match For Glory In Puzzle RPG Tales Of The Adventure Company

When indie developer Slothwerks unleashed its retro RPG Adventuring Company on the world late last year it came as no surprise to anyone who’s played it that it went on to win several awards. Adventuring Company was a fantastic retro redux that did a great job of reinventing many of the RPG genre’s core staples. So when we heard about Slothwerks’ ambitious followup Tales Of The Adventure Company we immediately turned our heads to keep an eye on its progress. Well, the day has finally arrived and Tales Of The Adventure Company is out now on Google Play. And let me tell you this is one hell of a good sequel.


Tales Of the Adventuring Company builds upon the formula established by its predecessor with upgraded graphics and introduces new rogue-like puzzle elements. As players explore dungeons and fight one of over 25 unique monsters they’ll be able to rescue other heroes that can be added to the party which allows the players to mix and match their company as they see fit. There are countless ways to approach each level which allows for tons of customization options and replayability.


Gamers will be happy to know that Tales Of The Adventure Company is a traditionally priced game with no iap’s or ads in site. Instead, a simple purchase of $1.99 gets you the full game just like in the good old days. You can pick it up now on Google Play!

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