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Random Heroes 2 Review

Noodlecake and Ravenous Games are back again, giving you the chance to dress up as Abe Lincoln or a hobo while you kick alien ass. Cool.

Random Heroes 2 has been out for some time on iOS and scoring fairly high in reviews for it’s slick presentation and gameplay tweaks that improve on the original no end.  The main upgrade is that your heroes can now raise their weapon to a chosen angle in order to take out those pesky fliers and ceiling hangers without the need to bounce around, blasting furiously.  It makes a big difference – but why can’t you aim down-over?  Perhaps that’ll come in Random Heroes 3.


There a whopping 54 levels of platforming and zapping crammed into this sequel, making for excellent value, and you’ll need to explore every inch of the environment to pick up the crystal skull tokens which upgrade your weapons.  It’s not long before your basic weapon starts to feel like a pea-shooter, and the temptation to buy upgrade skulls with IAP money runs high: you can buy them with in-game money, but it’s an expensive process.  In fact, all the ‘off the shelf’ weapons feel a little underpowered, and the cynic in me suspects that this is deliberate.  Still, all the weapons are available with in-game money, and there’s plenty of that to grind and loot.  Extra cash is available as an IAP, too, but more as a time-saving exercise than a necessity.


Everything about Random Heroes 2 is just so familiar, apart from the neat new aiming system, that it’s actually pretty hard to distinguish from the first game in terms of the overall experience.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the original was great, but fans may be left feeling a little underwhelmed.

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Random Heroes 2 Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: RH2 is a slick action platformer, full of character and it really packs a lot of content into a small box. It's not a quantum leap forward, as sequels go, but worth owning.


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  • jonas nielsen

    Sounds like a fun game but i’m not going to pay for a game that has IAPs

    Sorry Noodlecake

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