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Save The Universe In New 3D Shoot ‘Em Up Stellar Ghosts

A new third person shooter called Stellar Ghosts has arrived on Google Play and it will test your alien varmint’ hunting prowess with its intense horde based action. Developed by indie studio ProtoFactor, Stellar Ghosts is an ambitious 3D shoot ’em up that feels closer to a console game than a mobile game thanks to its wealth of content and customization options. There are tons of different ways to play each mission depending on which character you choose, which coupled with light RPG mechanics lets players experience the game the way they want. But basically, if you were to stick Jet Force Gemini and Borderlands together in a blender and set it to “puree” out would come the digital smoothie that is Stellar Ghosts.

stellarghostscover2 stellarghostscover23

As a grizzled intergalactic mercenary it’s up to players to travel the universe either blowing up or vaporizing any creepy crawly critter that gets in your way, for a price of course. As players complete missions and squish alien bugs they’ll unlock better equipment and be able to upgrade their stats in order to deal even more digital death to those infernal insectoids. An expansive single player campaign forms the bulk of the package and there’s even a classic endless horde mode for when you just want to blow some stuff up.


Stellar Ghosts is an impressive indie shoot ’em up that shows independent developers can make games every bit as epic as their corporate counterparts. You can pick Stellar Ghosts up now for a dollar on Google Play.

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