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In Scanner Range Now: Cosmonautica

Chasing Carrots have an early access version of their Sims-meets-Freelancer space opera on the Play Store now – so is it worth your investment?

The Devs make it clear from the start that your $6/£4/5 Euros is not buying you a fully finished game, but you are indeed investing in the game’s future.  It’s an interesting business model, and you do get lots of content to keep you busy in the short term with the promise of lots more to come, including online features.


So what do you get for your investment?  Cosmonautica is a fantastic-looking space trading sim, fully open-ended, with a wealth of features to keep you interested.  Your cut-away ship needs to be populated with crew, each with their own skills, needs and ambitions to take care of.  You have to carefully balance the rooms in your ship, as you’re starting small and won’t have room for much cargo if you want to keep your crew fed, rested and entertained.  In fact, they’re prone to go on strike if conditions get too bad, so you need to keep them happy at all costs.

You can also hire scientists, who will research new areas of the universe and unlock new planets to visit and trade with – naturally all this costs, so you need to find a good trade route to boost your coffers, and you’ll want to carry out the many side-missions you can pick up in bars around the galaxy.


Combat is rare early on in the game, and since your basic ship only has room for minimal weapons, you’ll be glad of this fact.  After four hours of play, I was only attacked twice and luckily managed to escape both times – prompting me to immediately dump a cargo hold and buy a bigger gun, it was that scary…

Worldwide public challenges and a scenario creator to build and share missions are two of the promised future features, with more planetary content added too.  There seems to be quite a lot to look forward to here, and I for one can’t wait to see this project in full effect.


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