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Epic Side Scrolling Fighter Blackmoor Marches Onto Android

Retro gaming enthusiasts on Android are in for a real treat today as an awesome new side scroller by the name of Blackmoor has arrived, and it’ll blow your mind. Developed by indie studio Mooff Games, Blackmoor is a highly polished homage to classics like Castlevania and Street Fighter jam packed with over the top gameplay, terrific visuals, and more hilarious gaming references than you can shoot a hadoken at. While most Android fighting games tend to limit their scope so as to appeal to more casual players, Blackmoor is an unabashedly expansive experience that delivers stylish action on par with what you’d expect from an SNES classic or even more modern XBLA title.

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That’s because Blackmoor doesn’t just recreate the feel of a classic sidescroller, it takes the genre into overdrive in order to deliver a refreshing brand of eccentric action rarely seen on Android. There are seven unique characters that each come with their own move set, story, and special abilities which radically change the way the game is played depending on who you choose. Reminiscent of games like Symphony Of The Night players can further customize their characters with different weapons and equipment in addition to choosing what upgrade path to take. There are tons of extras included too, you can even force the bosses of two different levels to fight each other if you’re feeling particularly fiendish.


Like a modern day Castlevania on a caffeine trip, Blackmoor is an exercise in absurdity that brings awesome old school action to Android. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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