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Crazy Cowboy Sniper War Review

There seems to be some confusion over what snipers actually do, here…

This particular sniper is a cowboy on a cart who mows down legions of the undead with dual pistols and grenade launchers, which is a pretty liberal definition of ‘sniper’ in anyones book, really.  Crazy Cowboy is on a mission to rescue his girl from monsters who’ve invaded the Wild West, so he armours up his wagon, grabs his six-guns and sets off down a really long canyon, shooting people in the face and dodging rocks pitched by balloonist black guys.  Fair enough.


Crazy Cowboy is pretty ad-heavy, but nothing actually interrupts gameplay, so I personally don’t mind this in a free game with no IAPs.  The game itself just relies on you pressing a finger to the screen and moving it up and down to deliver bullets into seemingly endless waves of similar bad guys- it’s rather repetetive, and only becomes challenging after the first hour or so of play.  When things do get difficult, the upgrades you’ve been able to afford so far just don’t cut it, so if you have the patience you’ll need to go back and grind some more.  It just feels unbalanced, unfortunately.

The boss fights are particularly risible.  They’re just slightly bigger versions of the cowboys you’ve killed in endless numbers previously, and the early bosses just drop dead before they’ve even got a shot off.  Extremely disappointing, given the neat Flash-style characters and background (singular).  Incidentally, stating in the promo that this game has ‘Realistic and lifelike graphics’ is just laughable, Top Games, and I hope its intended as such.


In summary, there’s really no reason to hate Crazy Cowboy exactly, but it does nothing to help you like it either.  The first ten levels are a waste of your time, after which it becomes chronically difficult, and the sheer lack of variety will just wear you down until you uninstall.

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Crazy Cowboy Sniper War Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Repetetive to the core, and stubbornly unimaginitive, even the most ardent casual game fan will struggle to find any long-term entertainment here.


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