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Poker’s Eyes Texas Solitaire Review

Italian developer Miro de Carolis, aka Wasdless Games, has mashed up poker and solitaire with some awesome results. Check out the oddly titled, but strangely compelling, Poker’s Eyes.

On starting a game, you’re presented with a six-by-six grid of playing cards and another two cards in the hand. Match the two cards you’re given with three adjacent ones from the grid to make a poker hand – simple. Making a hand scores you points according to their value in a game of poker, ie flushes, straights, pairs, etc, and makes the used cards disappear. When all cards are used, you get a final score which you can share online.


Along the way you’re helped, and openly mocked, by a strange moustachioed face who tells you the awesome hand you could have scored with, had you been more observant. You’ll really start to hate this guy…

There are two play modes to try in Poker’s Eyes, Arcade and Pro, and believe me the Pro mode is seriously challenging, as it eliminates the easy points you pick up with pairs, three’s and four’s of a kind. No repeating cards in Pro Mode, and it makes it a nightmare to rack up points. On the other hand, Arcade mode enables weird hands like Five of a Kind, due to the multiple decks in the stack. Cool!

swipe gesture gameplay

I love the smart, minimalist presentation of Poker’s Eyes (‘Pokercise’, surely?) and the simple, but ineffably deep game mechanic which is always the sign of a good puzzle game. Well played, sir!

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Poker’s Eyes Texas Solitaire Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: It's a fresh take on two of the most popular card games in existence, poker and solitaire, Poker's Eyes it does it with classic Italian style. Thoroughly recommended to card fans and puzzle fans alike.


Better than a poke in the eye.

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