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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #51

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take 25 of our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have a way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new shoot ’em up, a unique platformer, or a brain boosting puzzle title SGD has got you covered so check out all the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and also be featured on our front page for an entire week!


AstropedV from Joestar/Black

AstropedV is a twin-stick shooter that is a sort of mix between a vertical space shooter and traditional run-and-gun action game. You’ll be flying your space craft through a particularly dangerous area in space in hopes of staying alive and setting yourself a new high score while you’re at it. You’ll blast through multiple stages, waves of enemies, and some truly impressive boss battles. All of this is topped off with one of the greatest retro-art designs you’ll find on mobile devices!

If you’re a fan of space shooters, dual stick shooters, or heck, even action games in general you’re sure to find a lot of enjoyment in AstropedV. Be sure to check it out today!

astropedv1 astropedv2


The Boy With Bombs from Chris Savory

The Boy With Bombs is a unique new game from Chris Savory that’s kind of a cross between Bomberman and a roguelike RPG. The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward: move your character around the 5×5 grid game world while avoiding enemy projectiles and dropping bombs to destroy objects and enemies. You are given 5 lives and after these are burned through you are then ranked by how many levels you’ve progressed though, the number of enemies you’ve destroyed, and the amount of gold you’ve accumulated. It’s an interesting concept that works exceedingly well and is a whole lot of fun. The fantastic 16 bit graphics don’t hurt either!

If you’re looking for something a little different you need to download The Boy With Bombs today. It’s just $1 on Google Play so be sure to give it a go. It’s a blast!

Boywithbombs2 Boywithbombs1


Caravandroid from Ryan Bunting

Caravandroid is a throwback to classic 2 and 5 minute Caravan games like Super Star Soldier and Nexzr Special. The game has been developed as a love letter to these classic shoot em ups and induces a huge rush of nostalgia within minutes of starting the game.

Caravandroid, not surprisingly, is designed just like the classics in the genre. There are three different stages, each with different layouts and enemy wave formations, and each stage can be played as either a 2 or 5 minute run. So that means you’ve got yourself 6 different routes to play, and that means you’ve got yourself a lot of shmuping to do!

If you’re a fan of Caravan shoot’em ups you owe it to yourself to grab Caravandroid today! If you’re new to this gameplay style this is a great place to get you started. You can get your hands on Caravandroid for just $1 on Google Play today!



Drive to Hell from Ghost Crab Games

Drive to Hell is a completely bizarre top-down shooter that’s all about blasting baddies with some awesome super-powered weapons. Wait, wait, wait… you’re driving TO hell?! Isn’t that generally the opposite of what people strive for in life? Oh, the Demon King destroyed your favorite dive bar and you want to exact your revenge on him because of it? Aaah, well, drive on my friend!

In Drive to Hell your goal is simply use powerful weaponry to blast away at the demonic enemies that want nothing more than to see you dead. Each enemy has their own unique personality and attack style which means you’re going to have to figure out how to best deal with each one if you hope to stay alive for long. Thankfully you have access to a plethora of weaponry, unique vehicles, and special abilities on your side.

Drive to Hell is a fun yet challenging shoot’em up that’s well worth checking out. Download it for free from Google Play today!

drivetohell1 drivetohell2 drivetohell3


Fluff Eaters from Fiery Squirrel

Fluff Eaters is a new level-based puzzle game that seems to have been inspired by the old sidewalk game ‘Jacks’. In Jacks your goal was to bounce a ball on the ground, grab as many Jacks as you could while the ball was in the air, and then catch the ball before it was able to bounce a second time. That’s pretty much the gameplay in Fluff Eaters as well, except that you’ve got a whack of new obstacles to deal with this time around. While bouncing and tapping on evil dust balls called Fluffs you’ll have to contend with things like spikes, cannons, swings, platforms, wheels, and a whole lot more!

Fluff Eaters is an incredibly unique puzzle game that sports a beautiful art style, great sound design, and most importantly it’s just a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Google Play and check out the free demo or download the full game for just $1!

fluffeaters2 fluffeaters1


FLURF from Loreful

FLURF is a challenging endless platformer that has just two simple goals: 1. avoid the massive monsters, and 2. rescue your kids. Performing these two tasks, along with staying alive for as long as possible, will reward you with gems that you can use for power-ups and other fun unlocks like new maneuvers.

In addition to the challenging endless gameplay FLURF sports a wonderful art style as well as achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Games Services.

If you’re in the mood for a challenge be sure to download FLURF today!



Grabbity from Efecto Studios

Grabbity is a tilt-and-touch controlled platformer from the Columbian game development studio Efecto Studios. While Grabbity has been available for a while now on iOS it has finally been made available to us Android gamers – and I’m certainly glad it is!

It turns out that the existence of the rabbit-like creatures known as Grabbians is in danger. The evil Crawlers have drained their energy and now their only hope for survival lies on one brave little Grabbian that has decided to travel to unknown worlds to save his species.

Using a combination of tilt and touch controls you’ll have to rotate the world, solve clever puzzles, and avoid enemies and a huge variety of deadly obstacles in order to get your Grabbian to the end of each of the game’s 80 levels successfully.

Do you have what it takes to master this truly unique platformer? If you think you do head over to Google Play and grab Grabbity today for the delightfully low price of free!

grabbity1 grabbity2


Hardcore Platformer League from Way To The Heaven Studios

Hardcore Platformer League, as the name implies, is an extremely challenging platformer. The game is entirely skill-based and it’s what you’ve always wanted a platformer to be: it’s about finding multiple paths to the end of each level, discovering fun new tricks to share with others (or to keep to yourself), but most importantly it’s about speedrunning.

In addition to HPL’s unique blend of puzzle solving and challenging level design you have access to 70+ levels (with more to come), spot on controls, achievements, and you can even record and rewatch your replays!

If you’re in the mood for a challenge and don’t mind insane speeds and awesome tricks you’re going to have an absolute blast with Hardcore Platformer League!



Hues from ReFocus Labs

Hues is a colourful new spin on the ever popular puzzler Threes. Basically take the Threes formula and switch the numbered blocks to a variety of cute colourful faces and you’ve got yourself Hues. Though Hues isn’t an overly unique game in the gameplay department it does add several new additions to the formula. Hues sports three different gameplay modes to master: Timed Mode, Moves Mode, and an Endless Mode (unlocked via a $0.99 IAP), and there’s also a wide variety of power-ups for gamers to check out too.

Hues is a great game for Threes fans to check out but it’s also a great starting point for gamers that haven’t checked out this formula yet (if there are any). Head over to Google Play and download Hues for the always nice price of free!



har•mo•ny 2 from BorderLeap

Harmony 2, the follow up to the fantastic Harmony, is now on Google Play and ready to provide gamers with harmony for their ears, their eyes, and their brains. For their ears gamers are treated by over two full hours of mesmerizing ambient music by Hammock. For their eyes gamers will be treated to hundreds of handcrafted levels that are rich with color and that are organized into several unique paths to be explored however you please. And for their brain gamers will find puzzles that require strategical thinking to successfully reassemble each color palette.

Harmony 2, like its predecessor, is a gaming experience unlike anything else out there. Its perfect blend of beautiful music, gorgeous graphics, and fun gameplay make Harmony 2 a game that shouldn’t be missed out on.

harmony2-3 harmony2-1 harmony2-2


Inside Job from Frozen Tea Studio

Inside Job is a new challenging stealth-based puzzle game that’s all about staying unseen. During the day you’ll set up lights in a specific way so that you can successfully sneak around in the shadows at night. It’s an interesting concept that absolutely needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

Inside Job is a tricky yet satisfying puzzler that gamers really should check out. There’s a free version available on Google Play that gives players access to the game’s first 12 levels, or all 30 levels can be unlocked for a small one-time IAP.

insidejob1 insidejob2 insidejob3


KungFu Man from ArecaNut Studio

KungFu Man is a fast paced action game that’s all about chopping down an immensely tall tree/beanstalk/metal totem pole while avoiding any branches that are looking to knock you on your ass. Chopping is easy: tap the left side of the screen to chop the left side of the tree and tap the right side of the screen to jump over to the right side. It’s up to you to master these controls so you can avoid the incoming branches for as long as possible and earn yourself a new high score in the process.

KungFu Man’s gameplay is extremely addictive and the inclusion of Google Play Game Services leaderboards ensure that you’ll keep coming back for more. It’s a free game so download it today!

kungfuman1 kungfuman2 kungfuman3


Nexionode from Big Round Eyes

This atmospheric new logic puzzler from indie developer Big Round Eyes is a straightforward yet challenging game that feels like a pumped up sci-fi version of those classic wood peg puzzle toys. Players take command of a prototype repair drone as they desperately race to repair their space ship but it won’t be easy with everything falling apart around you. If you like puzzlers with a sense of style you should definitely check out Nexionode.

nexionode1 nexionode2 nexionode3


NinjaCat from Pineapple Game Studios

NinjaCat is an incredibly charming endless platformer that follows the NinjaCat’s quest to find all of the lost legendary ninja headbands. Your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible by jumping from platform to platform successfully. Along the way you’ll want to gather randomly populated fish – and if you collect three of them in one run you’ll summon the awesome King Karp to give you a boost of speed!

On top of the incredibly addictive gameplay NinjaCat also features a fantastic retro art style, a great retro sound design, and both achievements and leaderboards through Google Play. NinjaCat is also free on Google Play so be be sure to download it right away!

ninjacat1 ninjacat2


OMFG – Oh My Fat Guy from Subliminal Gaming

Ever wonder what would happen if Super Meat Boy and Katamari collided in a epic display of flatulence powered platforming? Why you’d get OMFG, a hilarious new runner from indie studio Subliminal Gaming that puts its outrageous gameplay mechanics to good use. If you want your character to survive you’ll need to feed him as much junk food as possible while avoiding prickly spike plants, just watch out for the farts though they’re deadly!



Phat Phrog from ColloseusX

Sometimes the best kinds of games are the ones that keep it simple and focus on delivering a fun experience like the wacky new arcade physics game Phat Phrog from indie dev ColloseusX. In this case it’s all about the joy of being a frog and jumping around to your amphibian heart’s content while getting mixed up in all sorts of zany adventures. In order for a frog to hop to though he needs something to hop on, which is where players come in as they keep their cold blooded friend airborne by guiding him to his next launchpad.



Poker’s Eyes from Wasdless

Poker’s Eyes is the oddly named but incredibly addictive mash-up of match-3 meets solitaire and Texas hold’em.

Poker’s Eyes takes place on a six-by-six grid of playing cards. At the top of the screen you’ll notice another two cards that will be acting as your ‘hand’. Your goal is to select three adjacent cards from the grid to make up the best Texas Hold’em hand that you can and get scored accordingly for your efforts. The rules are easy to get a grasp on and players will be hooked in a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for a unique card game to eat up some of your free time be sure to grab Poker’s Eyes from Google Play for just $1!

For more on Poker’s Eyes check out JC Richardson’s full review: Poker’s Eyes Review



QuBe from Fat Fish Games

Tiny Goalie developer Fat Fish Games is back in style with a outrageous new twitch arcade game by the name of QuBe. This ain’t your normal one touch mobile game, no sir, in QuBe players will see their ability to think analytically on a dime pushed to the limits and then some. Like a bizarrely awesome mobile rendition of Wario Ware, QuBe is one game you’ll find hard to put down.

qube1 qube2


Ready Steady Play from Cowboy Games

Ready Steady Play is an easy to pick-up-and-play Wild West-themed mini-game collection that stars a cowboy and his trusty hobby horse. You may know of this incredible duo from the developers previous release – the popular quick-firing duelling game Ready Steady Bang. Ready Steady Play still uses the same beautiful minimal art style as it’s predecessor, but the gameplay this time around is something completely different. This time you’ll be playing your way through a collection of three incredibly fun and addictive games: Shooting Gallery, Hobby Hurdles, and Coin Shooter. Each game is a lot of fun and the dev has plans for additional games in future updates!

If you’re a fan of unique art styles or if you love mini-game collections you’ll instantly fall in love with Ready Steady Play. Download it today from Google Play for just $1.99.

readysteadyplay readysteadyplay2


Slightly Magic from Potassium Frog

Slightly Magic is an authentic remake of the classic arcade adventure game of the same name. I say Slightly Magic is authentic because it has been reprogrammed by the game’s original author and programmer Colin Jones, and because it’s original soundtrack has been remastered by Allister Brimble.

If you’ve played Slightly Magic before I can pretty much assure you that you’re in for one serious nostalgia trip with this game’s release onto Android! If you’re interested head over to Google Play and download the free demo or grab the full version for $4.99!

slightlymagic1 slightlymagic2


Star Nomad from Halfgeek Studios

Star Nomad is best described as being a space-based top-down role playing strategy sandbox (say that five times fast…). This game has be created as a sort of tribute to classic games in the genre such as Wing Commander, Escape Velocity, and Freelancer. If you’ve ever played any of those games you’ll know pretty much what to expect in Star Nomad.

Star Nomad takes place in the Wildlands Sector of space. It is here that you will be taking the role of either a mercenary for hire, a merchant trader, a contraband smuggler, or even a space pirate in your attempt to gain fortune and fame – whether for good or for evil.

If you are a fan of games like Space Rangers, Space Pirates & Zombies, Transcendence, or even the massive indie hit FTL you’re going to want to check out Star Nomad today!

starnomad1 starnomad2


Super Tank Arena Battles from SmallBigSquare

Indie developer SmallBigSquare is kicking the shoot ’em up genre into overdrive with Super Tank Arena Battles, it’s marquee arcade romp that features uber absurd levels of metal carnage and a mobile friendly touch control scheme that just feels right. Players pilot a stalwart lone tank as they roam a digital battlefield pew pewing anything in sight for the equivalent of a pixelated bloodbath. And where other games get stale quickly, Super Tank Arena Battles keeps the action rolling with a ton of extra new game modes like Capture The Flag and Mine Rush.

tanks tanks2


Turttler from Plasma Captain 

Turttler is best described as a modernized version of the arcade classic Frogger. Just picture Frogger as an endless runner and you’ll have a good idea of what Turttler is all about. Your goal: cross over as many traffic filled roads as you can  while staying alive for as long as possible. You only have one life tough and there are an infinite number busy roads ahead of you… so be careful.

Turttler features very easy to learn one-touch controls. Tapping on the screen makes Turtller move forward one row at a time, holding down makes him move continuously, and letting go makes him stop in his tracks. Each row you move forward earns you a point, and, well, your goal is to get as many points as you can. This is an arcade game after all.

Do you think you can make it through these busy roads without getting hit? Download Turttler today and find out for yourself! Just make sure you keep moving though – too much standing around will surely attract the attention of some truly pesky raccoons!

turttler1 turttler2 turttler3


Uppercup Football from Motion Twin

Whether you call it Football or Soccer odds are you’ve engaged in a game of digital footie before, but you’ve never played anything quite like indie dev Motion Twin’s awesome new zany sports game Uppercup Football. This absurdly irreverent take on the beloved past time puts an intuitive arcade spin on the gameplay to make Uppercup Football a deeply engaging game. If you like outrageous sports game parodies like Mutant League Football or Mega Man Soccer, keep an eye out for Uppercup Football out on the pitch!

uppercup12 uppercup1


Vector Swarm from Moonlight Games

Vector Swarm is an ultra fast-paced endless runner that’s also part space shooter and part dodge ’em up. Using intuitive tilt controls you’ll be flying your ship around the screen while avoiding – or destroying – any obstacles you come across.

Vector Swarm features an awesome Geometry Wars-esque art style, over 50 hand-crafted levels to master, a wide variety of enemy types, and best of all the addition of leaderboards through Google Play Game Services. Download it today from Google Play for free!

vector3 vector1 vector2


Wrath Of Godjelly from Akimbo

Ants. I think it’s safe to say noone likes them, they’re kind of jerks in fact. Like in indie studio Akimbo’s addicting new action game Wrath Of Godjelly, where upon discovering a sentient jelly based deity and his wife they immediately devour her leaving players no choice but to butt stomp a whole horde of attitude-copin’ insects! The gameplay in Wrath Of The Godjelly feels like a finely honed arcade experience that uses a simple yet intense gameplay mechanic to its fullest potential.



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