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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #52

Welcome to the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have a way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new RPG, balls to the wall racer, or good old fashioned beat ‘em up SGD has got you covered so check out all the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and also be featured on our front page for an entire week!


1Quest from Ratz ‘N’ Godz

1Quest is a turn-based roguelike RPG where you are in control of a young adventurer who is in pursuit of an evil blood cult. You see, these guys have abducted several children, on of which is the princess of the kingdom! They surely need to be stopped ASAP! To top things off these guys are going to sacrifice these children in an attempt to summon an ancient demon in just 7 days – so be quick!

As in any good roguelike you’ll be fighting monsters, grabbing loot, and levelling up to become more powerful. However, what really makes 1Quest stand out as something special is it’s sheer amount of awesome content. There are 18 different classes, 5 different races, over 150 class abilities and spells, 20 different dungeons to explore, and over 100 monsters to destroy. That’s sure to keep you busy for a while.

Fans of turn-based RPGs or roguelikes needs to download 1Quest right away!

1quest2 1quest1


Bungle! from Ghost Crab Games

Bungle is a simple but challenging fast-paced reflex arcade game that’s all about appeasing your overly critical boss. To do this you just have to time you must time your screen presses so that both the moving head icon and the designated glowing zone match up successfully. Doing this successfully will not only earn you points towards a new high score but it will also unlock dozens of unique jobs to mess around with. Just remember, one mistake and you’ll be fired!

Bungle is a fun reflex arcade game that is highly addictive thanks to it’s fun gameplay, it’s colourful art style, it’s global leaderboards and achievements (through Google Play Game Services), and it’s multitude of social sharing options. Be sure to download Bungle for free from Google Play today!

bungle1 bungle2


Dancing Ship from Alimoe Wu

Dancing Ship is a space-based arcade flying game that’s all about evading enemy ships. Using simple touch-and-drag controls you’ll fly around the depths of space while collecting stars, dropping bombs, and if you’re lucky you might stay alive long enough to set a new high score.

The gameplay in Dancing Ship is fast and exhilarating and it’s awesome cartoon art style make it a game that stands out as something truly special. Download it for free from Google Play today!

dancingship1 dancingship2 dancingship3


Dengen Chronicles TCG from Mangatar

Dengen Chronicles TCG is an engaging online trading card game that is part RPG and part TCG. What makes Dengen Chronicles Stand out from other TCG games is that it is set in a unique Manga universe. There are four Manga families that are at war: Ninja, Fantasy, Robot, and School, and you must choose a side to fight for. Build up your deck however you please and then see how you compare against real opponents online or against the computer AI.

If you are a fan of Manga or TCG you’ll want to download Dengen Chronicles TCG today! Head over to Google Play and grab it today for the greay low price of free!



Dirt Inc. from Digital Panda Studios

Dirt Inc. is an interesting and incredibly addicting take on the genre of one-button monetary-gain games. Your goal is quite simple: build the ultimate dirt empire and become the global power house in the dirt market. This would all be rather easy if it weren’t for those darn cheeky gnomes. They want nothing more than to steal your hard earned dirt from you. Those jerks! You may be destroying their homes and their livelihood, but come on, it’s a small price to pay to become number one.

The gameplay in Dirt Inc. couldn’t get much easier. You simply tap anywhere on the screen to make your worker dig, and tap on any gnomes you see to keep them away from your precious dirt. The dirt you dig up is used as the in-game currency that will allow you to buy a wide assortment of valuable upgrades. Increase the number of blocks you break per tap, increase the amount of dirt each block gives, hire a foreman to help you find rare minerals, or if your tapping finger gets tired hire a Digger to automatically dig for you. Most importantly though – build an electric fence to keep those dastardly gnomes away from your hard earned goods!

Dirt Inc. is a great addition to the one-button monetary-gain genre that shouldn’t be missed out on. It’s quirky graphics and unique gameplay make it a must play – and the fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt either! Check it out today!



The Dramatic Story: Dangerous Adventure from Rockolade

The Dramatic Story: Dangerous Adventure is a stunning new platformer that takes place in an atmospheric Limbo-esque game world that is filled with stunning yet creepy visuals. You find yourself in the shoes of a square child named Flyummi that is on the quest to find his now missing mother. On his journey he’ll encounter terrible dangers and unfriendly beings – but it’ll all be worth the effort if it brings him to his much beloved mom.

Fans of platformers should definitely consider checking out The Dramatic Story: Dangerous Adventure today!



Echoes: Deep-Sea Exploration from Cheese Burgames

In Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration you take the wheel of a minesweeping submarine known as the S.M.D Imperceptible.  Your mission: to clear the seabed of hundreds of explosive mines. Using your submarine’s sonar system you will cross labyrinths, repel evil sea creatures, and avoid wrecks and enemy ships. This mission is starting to sound like one heck of a challenge!

Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration is jam packed with content. There are 56 maps that spread across six unique worlds, there are over 130 mines to diffuse, and there are over 100 enemies to avoid. Do you think you have what it takes to clear the depths of the sea of all of it’s deadly horrors? Find out today by downloading Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration from Google Play for just over $2!

echoes1 echoes2


Final Destination from yapyeeleck

Final Destination is a casual finger-maze-runner game that pits you against a multitude of challenging obstacle filled mazes. As you may have guessed your goal is to make it from point A to point B while avoiding any obstacles you encounter. Typical maze gameplay, but where Final Destination stands out from other game’s in the genre is through it’s two fun game modes. Casual Mode pits players against a plethora of ultra challenging mazes that are sure to test even the most skilled of gamers. Challenge Mode provides players with one infinite maze that is filled up with randomly generated obstacles.

Final Destination is a fun yet challenging maze game that shouldn’t be missed out on. Download it today!



Flux 2 from Hektorapps

Flux 2 is a follow up to the hit minimalistic maze puzzler Flux – a game that was all about solving maze-like puzzles by rotating arrow-blocks in as few turns as possible. Flux 2 is more of the same, in a way, but it’s also a hugely expanded experience. This time around there are 625 levels to solve, time-trials and online battles, a colourblind setting for those colourblind folks, and both achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Game Services! There is a tonne of content that ensures you hours of brain-bending entertainment. Download this gem today for free from Google Play!



Germ Smash from Kristofer Chiao

Germ Smash is a super fast-paced arcade action game that’s all about, well, smashing germs. The gameplay is simple: just tap on a germ to squash it and gather power-ups to aid you on your quest for a new high score. However, if you’re really hoping to set a new high score you’ll need work up a big combo. Combos are created by stringing together successive hits while making sure you don’t miss and you don’t let any float off screen. Pulling off huge combos will require fast reflexes – do you think you have what it takes to smash all of these germs?

On top of the highly addictive gameplay Germ Smash also features an incredibly charming art style, two different modes of play, and leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Games Services. There’s a lot here to keep any member of the family happy – and it’s totally free! Head over to Google Play and download Germ Smash today!

germsmash2 germsmash1


Kicking Balls from Four Eyed Cat

Kicking Balls is an exciting new soccer themed venture into the popular world of physics based puzzlers. The game takes place in a world where foosball figures have come to life. Using a unique kicking mechanic you’ll need to figure out the best strength and angle to kick the ball at in order to get the ball into the goal. As you progress new elements are added to the game and things get pretty crazy pretty quickly. It may take a few minutes to fully get the hang of the game’s mechanics but once you do you’ll find a whole heck of a lot of enjoyment in this incredibly unique physics puzzler. Download it for free from Google Play today!

kickingballs1 kickingballs2


Lub Dub from thegameswemake

Lub Dub is an ultra challenging 8-bit sidescrolling platformer that absolutely needs to be checked out. It turns out that your one true love has been kidnapped by an evil witch and, well, it’s up to you to get her back safely. This is easier said than done though as your path is riddled with deadly obstacles like booby traps, killer spikes, enchanted turret… and that’s just naming a few! However, you’re not entirely alone – you have three powerful abilities that may just give you boost needed to make your way through Lub Dub’s 30 challenging levels.

Lub Dub is without a doubt one of the best sidescrolling platformers that you’ll find on Google Play. Download it today for the fantastically low price of FREE!

lubdub1 lubdub2


Orbience: Star Defender from Aexol

Planet Destroyer has been sending deadly comets and asteroids towards Earth – and you, a lowly pilot of a star defender space ship, are the only one who can stop them! Luckily you have a 3 super-weapons and 6 powerful power-ups to help with your fight – but will that be enough to keep the comets and asteroids from making impact with Earth? Remember, it’s game over if the Earth gets destroyed!

Orbience: Star Defender is a unique planetary defense game that sports one of the most stunning minimalistic art styles I have ever seen. You’re going to want to check this one out! Head over to Google Play and download this gem for just $0.99!

orbience1 orbience2


Paint it Back from Casual Labs

The hit iOS picross game Paint it Back has finally made it’s way onto Android devices! It turns out that all of the art in the art gallery has gone missing… and you’re going to have to paint it back! Using brain power and logic you’ll need to recreate all of the the lost masterpeices. Do you think you have what it takes to solve each of the game’s unique puzzles!

The iOS release of Paint it Back has received critical acclaim and high praise from sites like Pocket Tactics, Touch Arcade, 148Apps, and a whole lot more too! If you’re into logic puzzlers I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to love Paint it Back!

paintitback1 paintitback2


Qais Quest from ENKSoft

Qais Quest is an epic platformer that puts you in full control of the game’s main character Qais the Knight. You just want to get home, but the trip wont be an easy one. You’ll have to fight, dive, fly, and destroy bosses as you make your way through 30 epic levels that span across five unique game worlds.

Qais Quest is an epic adventure that is brought to life through it’s unique charm, fun gameplay, and stunning mixture of hand-drawn and 3D graphics. If you’re into platformers you can’t afford to miss out on Qais Quest!

qais1 qais2


ReactionLab 2 from H.F. Games

ReactionLab 2 follows in it’s predecessor’s shoes and brings even more pixelated particle sandbox fun to Android! This time around gamer’s are given over 50 different elements to play around with, hundreds of different particle types, 80 achievements to unlock, a new save system, a rewind function, and a whole lot more too.

If you were a fan of the original ReactionLab you’re definitely going to want to check out the new improvements that it’s sequel has in store for you. If the particle sandbox is something wholly new to you you can’t find a better place to start than ReactionLab 2.



Rescue Co. from Rockodile

Rescue Co. is an interesting game that is a bit hard to classify into one specific genre. I suppose the easiest classification would be to call it a swipe-based platformer, and that’s pretty accurate. You want to get your two characters from point A to point B and to do this you’ll swipe on the screen to get them moving. However, there are a lot of elements here that make Rescue Co. more than just a platformer. For example along your journey you’ll gather valuable construction materials, customize your character, and aim to finish the level as quickly as possible. It’s all a lot of fun and it is well worth checking out.

If you’re looking for a unique platforming experience look no further than Rescue Co. Download it today for free on Google Play.

rescueco1 rescueco2


Rogue’s Tale from GLHF Games

Rogue’s Take is a procedurally generated roguelike RPG that deserves your attention. It turns out that your one goal in life is to become the best warrior in all the lands, so to accomplish this you’ve decided to hunt down the biggest and baddest baddies around. You have five unique classes to choose from, 120 enemies to defeat, and of course boatloads of treasure to loot – all totally IAP free!

Fans of roguelike RPGs need to download Rogue’s Tale right away!



SPINRUSH from Lubiterum Game Studio

SPINRUSH is a new endless arcade game that is sure to become an instant sensation. Your goal in SPINRUSH is actually quite simple: destroy the discs that are the same color as your ship. Simple, right? Well, in theory it is. As you play the discs will start to spin faster and faster and making your shots successfully becomes harder and harder. Believe me, SPINRUSH will definitely put your hand-eye coordination to the test.

SPINRUSH is a fantastic new arcade game that you must check out! It’s free on Google Play so be sure you download it right away!

spinrush1 spinrush2 spinrush3


Stack of Defense from pzUH

Stack of Defense is an incredibly unique combination of physics puzzlers and tower defense games. Your goal is simple: prevent all bots from reaching the exit. To do this you’ll need to build up your very own block army that you will stack up to block the path of the incoming bots. You’ll be doing more than just stacking though. You also have access to powerful weapons like rapid fire, acid bird, and even the ability to call in a meteor. Oh, and to make things even better you have the ability to upgrade your units and make them even stronger! Hmm, it’s looking like you’ve got more than just luck on your side.

Stack of Defense is an incredibly unique blend of tower defense and physics puzzlers that shouldn’t be overlooked. Download it today for free from Google Play.

SoD1 SoD2


Super Heavy Sword from Monster Robot Studios

Super Heavy Sword is the ambitious follow-up title to Monster Robot Studios’ epic action adventure game Heavy Sword. Like it’s predecessor Super Heavy Sword is a retro styled sidescrolling platformer that does a great job of marrying solid platforming together with a fun and intuitive combat system. However, don’t expect a simple rehash of the previous title – Super Heavy Sword ups the ante in nearly every way imaginable. The graphics have been improved, the gameplay is tighter, and there’s simple more stuff to do this time around.

If you’re a fan of old school SNES-era sidescrollers you’ll definitely want to check out Super Heavy Sword today. It can be yours for just $1.99 over on Google Play.

14513035015_06661ba625_o 14112973958_7bf90dba8e_o


SWIP3 from Unit9 Apps

Unit9 Apps, the developer of popular games mobile games like Beach God, Decromancer, and Astro Shark HD, has just released a new match-3 puzzle game onto Android. What makes SWIP3 stand out as something unique for this crowded genre is that it can be played not only playable on mobile devices but also on Android Wear.

The gameplay in SWIP3 is pretty straight forward. Just swipe in any direction on your device’s screen in an attempt to match 3 or more blocks of the same colour. It’s best described as a mix of Threes meets match-3 puzzler – and that’s not a bad thing in my books.

If you’re looking for a new match-3 puzzler for your phone or if you’ve been dying to play something on your new Android Wear you should definitely check out SWIP3 today.



Traps n’ Gemstones from Donut Games

Traps n’ Gemstones a fantastic new Metroidvania platformer that has been created by the well known indie developer Donut Games. It turns out that valuable relics have started disappearing from a well guarded pyramid. It’s up to you, a freelance archaeologist, to head off to Egypt and solve this puzzling mystery.

Like in other Metroidvania titles Traps n’ Gemstones allows players to play through the game in a non-linear fashion. Feel like looking for new weapons? You can do that. Wanting to hunt down some hidden relics? Well, you can do that too. It’s entirely up to you how you explore this ancient pyramid – and that’s what makes this game so dang fun!

Traps n’ Gemstones is without a doubt one of the best games to land on Android in recent memory. Head over to Google Play and download this gem today! You wont be disappointed.

TnG2 TnG1


Tri from Jubjub Studios

Tri is a new and incredibly addictive brain training puzzle game that’s all about visual pattern recognition. Your goal: match up sets of three symbols according to shape, colour, fill, and number – all while racing against the clock. It sounds simple enough, but trust me, your brain is certainly going to get quite the workout! In addition to the addictive puzzle gameplay Tri is packed with content; you can work your way through levels of increasing complexity in Classic Mode, or, if you’ve got some friends around you can play four player versus mode on the same device!

Fans of puzzlers absolutely need to download Tri today! You wont be disappointed!




The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by the combined “Voltron-esque” editorial powers of James Maxwell, Craig Forshey, and JC Richardson.

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