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Kickstarter Spotlight: Wake the Dreamer

Many fantastic games have been brought to fruition thanks to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Wake the Dreamer from Ali Sakhapour is looking to join the list of successfully funded projects, and I personally would love to see this project brought to life. It is a 2D sidescrolling adventure game that revolves around reality and dreams – and it’s also about making tough choices and dealing with the consequences.

Wake the Dreamer is a game that puts a heavy focus on how players decisions will have real consequences in the game. It all starts out with you finding yourself in a rather depressing situation. You have no job, you live in a crumby over-cramped apartment, and you have a little to no interaction with members of the opposite sex. It’s up to you, the player, to make decisions that will help to improve your character’s life. This will be done by exploring the game’s two unique game worlds: The Real World and The Dream World.


During the day you and your character will get to experience what the real world has in store for you. You’ll get to explore the city, customize your character, talk with NPC’s, complete side quests, and best of all delve into the game’s story missions. When night time rolls around your character will go to sleep, and this is when you’ll get to explore the depths of the truly bizarre dream world. It seems that something strange is going on… but what is it?

As I had stated at the beginning of this article one of  Ali Sakhapour’s biggest goals with Wake the Dreamer is to create a game where the choices the player makes has real consequences within the game itself. And these choices, whether they are made in the Real World or the Dream World, will have an actual effect on the other as well. These important choices will arise not only in the game’s story missions, as you’d expect, but even the choices made during the optional side quests will impact how the game turns out as well. And best of all Wake the Dreamer will have multiple unique endings which means you’ll always have a reason to go back through the game to see how a few alternate decisions will change the game completely.



  • Create your very own character to live in the Microverse that exists in your phone.
  • Help or inhibit your character through choices.
  • Explore two separate worlds; The Dream World and The Real World.
  • Wake the Dreamer runs in real time, allowing you to explore both worlds at your leisure.
  • Customize your character with a variety of outfits, weapons and armor sets.
  • Uncover the motivations behind a mysterious character, Sand, and why he’s so interested in you and your character.
  • Find romance, work and friendships for your character.
  • Plus much more to discover!

Wake the Dreamer is a truly unique game that hopes to meld a creative game design together with a one of a kind art style – but to do so it needs as much help as it can get. So pledge whatever you can and pass the word around on whatever social media you use. Together we can help Wake the Dreamer see the light of day.

Click the button below to be directed to the Wake the Dreamer Kickstarter campaign.


Also, follow Wake The Dreamer’s progress on Kicktraq:
Wake the Dreamer -- Kicktraq Mini

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