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Traps n’ Gemstones Review

There’s been lots of buzz about this recent title from Donut Games, and rightly so. Traps n’ Gemstones (T&G) takes the classic room-by-room exploration of Castlevania, sprinkles in a little Jet Set Willy and gives the whole thing a twist of Indy Jones. Result: Awesomeness.


In T&G, Fedora the explorer is investigating a mostly subterranean pyramid populated with spiders, bats and, as you descend, much worse enemies to whip out of existence. There’s a mystery involving the theft of artefacts to unravel as you leap around platforms collecting gems and finding your way around some fiendish environmental traps. The missing artefacts you gradually retrieve have to be placed back on their proper plinths, and there’s a lot of tomb to explore to get them all. Replacing relics opens doors into deeper and more dangerous areas, and also reveals more details of a story that frankly makes Crystal Skulls look sane.


Your character leaps and rolls around with superb precision – the controls are just perfect, as they need to be in such a demanding platformer. He also gets to use the obligatory whip, pistol and dynamite (the archaeologists’ friend) to clear the corridors of vermin and find deeper treasures and tougher puzzles. Upon dying, which will happen quite a bit, you can either continue from the last room you entered or start again from your camp at the top, either way will reset your loot count but you do keep your equipment, which is nice.

It’s a simple premise that’s very well executed, like all the best indie games on the platform, and well worth a deep exploration.

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Traps n’ Gemstones Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: T&G pays respect to the past, but has more than enough of its own ideas and style to make it one of the premier platform games on Android. Excellent.


A Real Gem

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