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360 Degree Platformer They Need To Be Fed 3 Leaps Onto Android

Indie developer Bit Ate Bit’s prolific physics platformer They Need To Be Fed is back in a fantastic 3rd installment that takes the series to ambitious new heights while retaining everything that was good about the previous entries. While you might be tempted to dismiss They Need To Be Fed 3 on first glance as a rehash, you’d be wrong. This unique sidescrolling platformer takes the core gameplay of its predecessors and greatly expands upon it in nearly every way with imaginative level design, sublime controls, and a bevy of new features.

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In They Need To Be Fed 3 players are challenged with making their way through a series of levels that each operate on their own unique set of physics. Rather than simply going left to right, each platform acts as its own gravitational system which makes leaping to and fro rather confusing from time to time. In addition to the classic platforming of its predecessors They Need To Be Fed 3 also includes two awesome new modes that put their own spin on things and gives the game much more variety than before.


If you’ve played any of the They Need To Be Fed games before you already know how awesome this series is, and if you happen to not have heard of it before you’re in for a real treat. An impressive new expansion of an already incredible franchise, They Need To Be Fed 3 is available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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