Published on August 23rd, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Pilot A Mecha-Bird In New Steam Punk Runner Clockwork Kiwi

Much like the nomenclature of the steam-punk genre itself, indie developer Glass Dream Entertainment’s charismatic new platformer Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash fuses together elements from two seemingly different genres in order to create something awesome. Like a classic Super Nintendo game that’s been re-worked for mobile devices with nothing being lost in the process.

As a wrongfully imprisoned mouse inventor, players must use their wits and skills to escape a dire predicament which in this case means outfitting an injured kiwi with badass bionic limbs and riding him to freedom atop the backs of your enemies! It’s a treacherous ride to the surface though so players will need to be careful and ace every level if they want to experience all there is to see and do.


One of Clockwork Kiwi’s cooler features is how it radically changes its gameplay style at the mid-game mark which helps inject some much needed variety into a point in the game where most titles usually begin to stagnate. Not here though, as Clockwork Kiwi provides tons of replayability and neat extras to unlock. In addition, the quirky graphics are a joy to look at and really help to establish the games tone when set alongside its catchy soundtrack.


Who knew riding kiwis could be so much fun? Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash is available now for about $2 on Google Play.

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