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Flap Your Way Out Of A Mono-Chrome Nightmare In 8bit Doves

Forget Swing Copters. Forget Flappy Bird. There’s a new infuriatingly addicting retro tap ’em up in town by the name of 8bit Doves, and it’s out for blood. Luckily blood in this case means the public’s money and adoration, but mostly just money, something gamers will be happy to part with by throwing at their screen after getting a gander at how 8bit Doves takes the reviled/beloved “Flappy” style and effortlessly turns it into something beautiful.

Gone are the stupifyingly rote mechanics that have plagued the heart of this genre, forcibly ripped out of its chest and replaced with a dusty old Gameboy alongside a few back issues of Nintendo Power. This traditional adventure platformer approach greatly expands the scope of what a Flappy game can be and feels like exactly what the genre should have been aiming for all along.

8bitdoves2 8bitdoves23

Players take control of a man who’s been trapped inside an ominous VR program powered by an archaic handheld gaming device, doomed to forever dream in the 4 dreary colors of an oldschool Gameboy game. Fortunately some errant dream birds have taken up nest inside his pixelated prison, providing him with a way of escaping the digital nightmare he’s found himself in. All players have to do is guide him to the exit of each level while picking up as many doves as he can along the way.

This is easier said than done however as 8bit Doves plays like an addicting mashup of Flappy Bird and Super Mario Land for the Gameboy, meaning it’s the type of game that can be insanely hard while still maintaining a sense of fairness. An intuitive two touch control scheme governs the whole affair and is a perfect fit for touch screen gaming.


If you’ve ever wished there were a deeper meaning to all that mindless flapping you’ve been doing, you’ve gotta check out 8bit Doves! It’s available now for $2.99 on Google Play.

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