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Galaxy Siege 2 Review

This reviewer apparently missed out on the first Galaxy Siege, and that’s a real shame if this awesome sequel is anything to go by.

The trio of dev’s have taken the Rogue formula into space and given you a massive modular spaceship to pilot and face off against hordes of increasingly horrific aliens, including some seriously nasty boss fights. There’s not actually that much piloting to do, as the only controls are easy left and easy right, and the ship defends itself and gathers floating space money automatically. The real gameplay is in placing the ships modules to the best effect and getting as far as possible before damage takes its toll or you warp yourself back to base.


In between plays you spend your resources on increasing and improving your craft’s modules. These include fuel tanks, shields, crew quarters and the like, but the real fun comes in unlocking newer and bigger weapons to cut a swathe through the enemy horde. Lasers, missiles and ‘riffleguns’ (no idea) are all well and good, but there’s also escort ships and even nukes to have fun with. Pretty much everything about your ship, including the grabby arms that catch loot, can be improved on with space cash, but you’ll have to spend on expansion too as space is always limited.

There are a few IAPs in there, more as a way of offering financial support to the developers rather than a necessity for play – although the Plasma Gun helps massively against bosses.


I love the graphic style of this game, from the cel-shaded intro screen through to the intensely detailed ship modules, but I’m a lot less keen on the rather dated trancey-techno that accompanies you on your journey. Luckily it’s pretty hard to hear it over the sound of your lasers ripping through swarms of the little alien buggers.

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Galaxy Siege 2 Review JC Richardson

Final Verdict

Summary: Space Siege 2 takes the best of the Rogue genre and gives it a shiny new sci-fi setting. It's slick, surprisingly deep, and well worth exploring.



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