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Make Your Own Retro Games With 8-Bit RPG Creator & Game Creator

While making your own mobile game has long been an arduous task requiring years of study and extensive programming knowledge two new game creation studio apps have recently arrived on Android that have made it possible for anyone to make their own digital masterpiece with ease. These impressive new tool kits remove all the messy lines of code that usually deter the layman from the equation and instead allow users to create an old school style game using intuitively powerful user interfaces that compromise impressively little in their effort to streamline the development process. Thanks to 8-Bit RPG Creator from Scott Cawthon and Game Creator from SilentWorks you can now design your own character sprites, craft your own gameplay, and create your own fully realized world all from the comfort of your phone.


Although these two game creation suites hail from different development studios they actually compliment each other nicely since they both specialize in making different genres of games from the other. This approach works very well as it allows both apps to give users a mind boggling level of control over their respective areas of expertise.

8-Bit RPG Creator follows in the footsteps of classics like RPG Maker by giving gamers every conceivable tool they could need in order to create their own epic Final Fantasy esque role playing game. Whereas Game Creator focuses on making action oriented games with the same degree of detail and gives users templates to get started from such as platformer and arcade shooter to name a few. You won’t be able to publish the games you make with these tools to Google Play as they need their respective apps to run off of, but both apps do allow you to upload and share the games you make with family, friends, and other users who in turn can do the same and has actually caused small communities to spring up around both 8-Bit RPG Creator and Game Creator.


If you’ve ever wanted to design your own game but then thought it’d be too hard and didn’t want to sit hunched over your computer for years on end, now’s your chance to make that perfect game you’ve always dreamed of. Both 8-Bit RPG Creator and Game Creator are highly polished apps that receive regular updates from their dedicated indie developers. 8-Bit RPG Creator has a free demo with the full version running $2.99, while Game Creator will cost you $1.98.

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