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Medicinal Strategy Game Bio Inc Spreads Its Way Onto Android

When it comes to strategy games the genre seems to suffer from a lack of variety in gameplay scenarios, with most strategy games revolving around the same old modern warfare or space battle tropes. So when indie developer DryGin Studio’s dark and intriguing immune system centric strategy game Bio Inc was released on iOS its unique approach piqued the interest of jaded gamers and went on to receive critical acclaim. After a long hiatus gestating on the Apple based platform it seems Bio Inc has spread its pathogen inducing ways onto Android as well so that we too can finally get in on the strangely addicting medical strategy action.

bioinc bioinc2

If you’ve ever seen some of the niche doctor simulators out there where players attempt to heal a sick patient, Bio Inc is the exact opposite of that. At the same time both hilarious and somewhat disturbing Bio Inc challenges players with killing patients as quickly as possible using an encyclopedia’s worth of deadly diseases and plagues. Players must race against their “patients” biological clock as the bodies natural immune system wont go down without a fight and will attempt to thwart you at every turn. The biological science on display here is quite accurate, with players able to damage such bodily functions as the nervous system, heart, and lungs.


Bio Inc is a strangely addicting strategy game with an intriguing premise. You can pick it up now on Google Play for free with iap’s.

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