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Unreal Fighter Review

Save for a few rare exceptions, classic 3D style fighting games are an endangered species on Android which is why any time a new contender tries to revive this beloved genre we tend to sit up and take notice. This time a new challenger called Unreal Fighter by way of indie studio FlyCLOD has entered the ring in an attempt to bring Tekken inspired arcade brawling to Android, which is admirable given Namco-Bandai has neglected to give us a real mobile Tekken and decided we’d all be much happier with a trading card game instead.

Unreal Fighter is a typical 3D tournament fighter that seems to draw inspiration from all over the fighting game genre. Characters look and move like Tekken, there’s a ton of blood ala Mortal Kombat, and the pacing is more along the lines of Virtua Fighter. The appeal here is that Unreal Fighter is attempting to shoehorn the entire arcade experience onto Android, something it accomplishes with varied success. Provided you have the graphics cranked up all the way to the highest setting Unreal Fighter can be a really good looking game too with full 3D characters and environments that sport impressive lighting effects.

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However, I would be remiss if I didn’t go over some of the issues I had with Unreal Fighter’s gameplay and controls. Quite frankly, the default gesture based control scheme players start out with is simply broken. Instead, you’ll want to straightaway head to the settings menu and change the control scheme to the more accessible virtual control pad. The action is a bit clunky and the AI tends to be either suicidally moronic, choosing to let you wail on them with abandon, or an unstoppable fighting game god that will start spamming the very same attacks that you’ve been using to win the entire time up until that point. It’s a mixed bag to be sure, but Unreal Fighter does have a few redeeming qualities about it nonetheless.


If you’re a hardcore fighting game fan and can stand a few flaws here and there, Unreal Fighter may just be right for you. It’s available now for $2.99 on Google Play.

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Unreal Fighter Review Craig Forshey

Final Verdict

Summary: Although Unreal Fighter is a technically sound game there are just too many gameplay issues to ignore. Hardcore fighting game fans that are able to look past these flaws may find some enjoyment but everyone else should steer clear.



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    Looks good, but I’m not sure it has anything on King of Fighters-A 2012.

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