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Zen-Like Arcade Puzzler Red Green Blue Circles Onto Android

Maybe it’s the unique premise, maybe it’s the addicting gameplay, or maybe it’s the stress relieving aesthetic, whatever the reason lately I’ve been absolutely hooked on a terrific new arcade puzzler called Red Green Blue. Created by indie development duo Łukasz Żmudziak and Michał Z., Red Green Blue is shockingly clever in the way it twists and molds what should be a simplistic gaming trope into something novel to serve as the fulcrum its gameplay mechanics revolve around. Elements of retro gaming classics like Snake and Bomberman peek through Red Green Blue’s minimalistic veneer to deliver a tinge of nostalgia to the action while still remaining background dancers rather than the main attraction.

redgreenblue23 redgreenblue

Red Green Blue challenges players with guiding an ever increasing Snake esque series of blocks around a circle without running into their own tail, something that requires a lot more tact than you would initially suspect. That’s because there are also white pixels floating around the circle that can actually blow up parts of the trail you leave if you time it right. Every few revolutions the color changes and the previous rounds’ pixelated minefield is disabled until that colors next turn. It’s this simple yet enjoyable mixture of gameplay elements that make Red Green Blue something special.


Enchantingly beautiful not to mention addicting as all heck, Red Green Blue is available now for free on Google Play.

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