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Deep Loot Review

An awesome new rogue-like RPG called Deep Loot has arrived on Android and i’ve never had this much fun scuba diving. Not that i’ve ever been scuba diving, but that’s besides the point. The latest game from Winter Walk creator Monster And Monster, Deep Loot is an absolutely fantastic new mobile RPG that exudes an extremely high level of polish complemented by uber addicting gameplay design.

In this pixelated underwater adventure players will don one of many unlockable(and quite stylish) scuba suits as they plunge down deep into the ocean’s depths in search of hidden booty and lost treasure. There’s lots of gold to be found and tons of collectible artifacts lying around but it won’t be easy to get to them due to all the hostile creatures protecting their territory deep beneath the water’s surface. Strategic thinking is key when plundering the sea, due to the player only being able to carry a limited supply of oxygen it’s important that they plan their moves several steps ahead of time.

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The gameplay operates on a turn based grid system that works really well here as it allows for both quick action and strategic planning. When the player makes a move the rest of the characters in the environment do as well which feels quite smooth when you get into the action making rapid choices, and the game reacts quickly if you happen to change your mind about an action before it’s performed as you can immediately cancel any move you make.

Finding hidden treasure and digging for gold will reward players with coins that can be used to unlock additional skins, ships, and upgrades. Although Deep Loot is free to play it’s the good kind of free to play where the progression system feels completely fair and the player doesn’t feel pressured to buy additional coins at all as it is quite easy to amass large amounts of them if you play the game right.


Deep Loot is a terrific rogue-like RPG that I highly recommend. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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Deep Loot Review Craig Forshey


Summary: A fantastic rogue-like with a unique spin, Deep Loot's addicting deadly diving will keep you coming back for more. Definite download.



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